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Run with the experts

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We welcome all fellow runners and members of the Barcelona running and trail running community. We are small team of experienced running and trail running coaches with a background in sports science, biomechanics and physiotherapy, who focus on helping our customers reach their running goals, get better results and most importantly stay free of injuries. A strong physical foundation and healthy kinetics will reduce most biomechanical imbalances and will help you avoid chronic runner-specific injuries and accelerate injury recovery. Our final goal is to prepare each runner to achieve a better/peak performance and stay pain and injury free throughout the entire season!


At ACTIVATE we individually assess every runner previous to starting any training program. During a 75-minute interview + physical assessment we are able to analyze your current physical condition, movement patterns, imbalances and will be able to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses. Our running coach will design your customized training program for each training cycle to help you perform better and reach your goals. Runners who suffer from frequent injuries, pain, inflammation, bad technique find our methodology to be extremely useful and efficient, and is probably on of the safest ways to work on variables such as: running technique, posture, kinetics, biomechanics, strength and velocity. Our running coach has great eye for detail which guarantees quick improvements in the aforementioned variables. Try and see for yourself...


Whether your goal is to improve your personal best, finish a particular race or
simply enjoy running
, ACTIVATE RUNNING CLUB can help you plan and train for each of these goals. With the right guidance, dedication and courage anything is possible. We will help you take away common fear and doubts, and motivate you to improve your distance, speed, technique and overall performance.

 Trail running
 Casual running
 Running technique training
 Competitive running
 Reducing frequent injuries
 Running with special needs

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