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How to Get Started & Set Your Goals

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Regular exercise and physical training will help you live a healthier and more active lifestyle. After a more sedentary chapter in life, most customers usually begin with a 4 to 8-week starters program to get their bodies adapted. It usually takes only one personal training session, for you to know that you were pretty out of shape, and more importantly, that shouldn’t have waited this long in the first place. Every single pt session makes you feel great mentally and physically!

If you want to lose weight, define your muscles, tone up or get your clothes to fit you better, we offer training programs that help you achieve these goals. Body composition improvements are achieved through creating a calorie positive or negative energy balance (depending on your current body composition), and best achieved with exercise to keep muscles and skin toned and firm.

Depending on patient/client context (athlete or general population, age, type and severity of injury, surgery/intervention, coexisting pathologies, etc.) there are a variety of different approaches to ensure the best possible solutions and outcome. For example: Is is possible for a professional athlete with a torn ACL be able to maintain cardiopulmonary fitness while rehabilitating the knee? Yes, there are segmentation techniques that help preserve function and physical capacity during the same process of recovery from the injury, ensuring an optimal and speedy return to pre-injury state. Another example are the typical injuries due to poor biomechanics, muscular and postural imbalances, dysfunction within the neuromuscular or kinetic chains, etc. and that, traditionally, are treated with a variety of therapies where the professional seeks full-body functional improvements and strays from mere local treatments. Functional rehabilitation in this sense is governed by more comprehensive treatments that include analyzing and rehabilitation complete 3-dimensional functional kinetic chains to improve the form and function of these chains, improve the quality of movement and lastly life a pain-free injury-free life.


Most chronic injuries or illnesses can be limitating and debilitating, especially when it comes to exercising or practicing sports. As a result many people become sedentary which can debilitate the body even further. Nature requires our bodies to be active in order to funcion optimally and the worst thing you can do, is become inactive. As a matter of fact your body will allow for moderate low-impact exercise under most circumstances. At Activate, we provide the expertise and tools that will help you be able to exercise and stay as  healthy as possible.

To finish a sports event or competition is by itself a success, but more enjoyable if you are well prepared. Train with us to prepare a specific race or competition, and/or to improve your personal best! If required, our sports nutritionist can provide you with a diet plan and provide coaching as well as support for optimal preparation.

Getting to exercise with personal trainer is the best way to beat daily stress and anxiety. We provide non-intimidating studios for you to be able to slow down, disconnect and breathe. Our team of highly-recommended personal trainers will support each customer to recover their body-mind connection and feel good again.

Many men and women feel pressured to look stronger, slimmer and better proportioned. An experienced personal trainer can achieve this for you, taking psychosocial factors into account and communicating clearly and realistically what can be done, and in what time frame. If you want to increase the size of your muscles, trim your waistline and/or attain a more athletic image, then we can definitely help you achieve your goals.

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