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Our ability to learn faster and perform better than our peers is a prerequisite for obtaining sustainable competitive advantage, while at the same time chronic underperformance is mostly a result of poor self management, poor decision-making and a subpar skillset. at Activate Academy you will train with tried and tested mentors and performance coaches which help personal trainers and conditioning coaches cultivate their skills and brain to become leaders in their industry.

Greatness lies within you. Your ability to focus and establish a strong connection with each of your clients is a good starting point, but not enough to exhibit your skills as a leader in your field. The best trainers and coaches oftentimes invest most of their resources in learning and knowledge accumuation. The soft skills required to become a successful trainer and coach are often underdeveloped or overshadowed by lack of self-awareness and insecurities. At Activate we understand this conondrum better than anyone else, and teach our students how to put knowledge into practice, crush self-doubt and address insecurities, so your talent can shine. Our formula for success is about getting you out of your comfort zone and learn the skills needed to unlock your potential. Our team of qualified teachers, mentors and coaches will help you identify and bridge any of your current performance gaps, and help you become a leader in your game.

  • The winning formula
  • Strategic choices and focus
  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Bridge performance gaps
  • Become a leader in your field
  • Stay on top of your game
  • No dream without a team
  • Crush self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Unlock your full potential

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