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Training, Coaching and Nutrition During Adolescence

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During adolescence, the potential to become a competitive (or even elite) athlete is very high. These are the years in which we are most responsive to the stimuli produced by training and in which the physical base that will determine our athletic ability in the future will be established. Adolescence is a time in which energy demands are very high, since in addition to doing sports, the body is at its hormonal peak in terms growth and development.

For this reason, the optimization of all this potential will always depend on adequate planning in terms of diet, training, recovery and rest, since otherwise, we run the risk of reducing physical performance (overtraining, loss of muscle mass), further increasing the risk of injury. For an adolescent athlete, injuries slow down their development and progress as an athlete. In order for both their performance and physical development, as well as their recovery process, to be optimal, it is critical to provide them with an adequate diet that ensures the correct amount of calories and macro- and micronutrients.

Lack of adherence to an adecuate diet is very common in young athletes. This is due to reasons such as a low predisposition to consume vegetables, lack of appetite, eating highly processed food, etc. This behavior always impairs performance and influences recovery time and muscle growth. In addition, the puberal phase is often characterized by resistance to feedback and advice from the adult population (especially parents), a lack of interpretation of body signals (muscle tension and strains) and an overestimation of their (physical) capabilities. To avoid common problems and mistakes, many parents hire a coach with specific knowledge and experience in working with children, so that both the young athlete and their parents enjoy proper support.

The services we provide include:

  • Personalized Diets
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Customized Physical Training Programs
  • Introduction of Training Methods (Weights, Strength, Plyometrics, Functional)
  • Introduction to Gym Training (Weights, Gym Equipment)
  • Sports Injury Prevention (Acute and Chronic)
  • Specific Sports Training (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming etc.)
  • Sports Psychologist and Managing Emotions (Frustration, Responsibility, Low Self-esteem, Confidence)

For the adolescent to being able to develop their maximum potential (and thus to be able to reach the top in their sport), it is essential for all training to be well-structured and supervised. This process begins by knowing the current physical state of the child and his level of development (compared to the reference values). We carry out specific test protocols to determine the level of performance for each of the parameters that predominates within the sport. Each of the tests will help us to objectively identify the individual performance gaps in the child's performance compared to the age group. We will provide the parents and the child with a written summary of the results and from which a tailored action plan will be derived. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our section on physical tests. We also design individualized training plans (supported by video instruction) and, if needed, provide 1-on-1 personal training sessions in the gym or online. For more information, please consult our section on training methods.

Another important issue, next to but as important as training and nutrition, is the recovery process. Improvements at a physical level do not occur in training, but in the rest period posterior to training stimuli. This phenomenon, called supercompensation, can only occur if the athlete respects variables such as sleep and down time. Being parents and athletes ourselves, we understand that managing recovery can often be tricky and difficult. We provide tips and tricks to help parents and athletes with peer pressure, and smart ways to improve recovery.

Lastly, we provide personalized diets and nutrition coaching, to ensure optimal performance, growth and recovery during this period of extremely high energy and nutritional demands. Should your child struggle to gain weight or even lose muscle mass during puberty, a dietary consultation with one of us might provide important insights into the elevated caloric demands that arise during this period of physical growth. We offer support to help children overcome bad eating habits, low vegetable consumption, and ingesting insufficient amounts of calories and/or nutrients. For more information please consult our sports nutrition section.

“Sascha, it has been a great pleasure to work with you. You're the best coach I've ever met (and I've had many coaches). I have improved a lot thanks to you, and I am very grateful. The best thing that has happened to me has been training with you, and improving my physique, my swimming and my life!” Guifre RS

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