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Winners give 110%. We coach you towards the extra 10.

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Success isn’t defined by performing at a high level once, but about reaching and maintaining peak performance levels over a specific period of time. Whether your career is in sports or in business; talent and genes alone don't turn high-achievers into champs. To reach and maintain peak performance levels over a long period of time unequivocally requires the work of a successful performance coach by your side, and good ones are hard to find.

Whether physical or mental/cognitive, the performance blueprint that leads to success is always relative to a set of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. What is needed to reach peak performance - the goals, context, tools, coaching, supervision, training, mindset, framework, discipline, motivation etc. depends not only on yourself but on your direct environment as well. Our performance coaching programs are designed to help athletes acquire quality insights by mapping and analyzing weaknesses and vunerabilities that sustain current or recurring performance gaps.

Activate provides athletes a variety of performance coaching services such as individual and team coaching, physical and mental training, strength and conditioning, performance nutrition and sport psychology.

 Online 1:1 performance coaching
 In person 1:1 performance coaching
 Online 1:1 sports specific performance coach
 In person 1:1 sports specific performance coaching
 Online team performance coaching
 In person team performance coaching
 Public speaking events
 Project design and implementation

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