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If you are looking for guidance and motivation to reach your personal fitness goals, Activate Personal Training is the place to be! We have helped all our customers in their quest to improve their body composition, muscle tone or strength, as well as targeted weight loss and muscle hypertrophy! We are a close-knit team of experienced personal trainers who provide every single client with a positive personal training experience, good vibes as well as visible results in a short period of time.


At Activate, we help our clients improve their health markers through exercise and nutrition protocols designed specifically for each of our client's individual needs and each of the domains (cognitive, physical and emotional health). Wrapped around an initial assessment and a series of tests, we are able to provide every person with a tailor-made action plan in terms of preventing of the so-called four horsemen of health risks: artherosclerotic disease (ASCVD), metabolic illnesses, cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Our personal trainers, Maya, Ryan, Tobias and Marta guide will guide you towards taking early and effective steps in managing age-. gender and genetic risk factors.


We provide periodized training programs for strenght and endurance gains tailored to individual athletes that are looking for peak performance. Our experts in strength & conditioning training and sports nutrition, Sascha and Sergio, will leave no stone unturned in your quest for enhancing physical and mental performance. At ACTIVATE, we provide individualized training plans, nutritional guidance, and one-on-one coaching for different age, gender and sports-specific performance goals.


It is common knowledge that adequate exercise and nutritional strategies have profound physiological and psychological benefits. The antiageing effect of adequate exercise and dietary routines include, reduced inflammation (anti-inflamageing), increased autophagy, improved bone mineral density, better energy levels, balanced blood glucose and hormone levels, better posture and an improved skin tone and radiance. Exercising the right way will make you look and feel younger and healthier.


The 2 vectors that make up longevity are lifespan and healthspan. What gets in our way in terms of lifespan are what we call the 4 horsemen of disease: cardiovascular disease, metabolic illness, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. In terms of healthspan, we basically differentiate between the cognitive, physical and emotional domains. Each personal trainer at ACTIVATE is also a qualified health coach bringing a deep understanding of exercise physiology and the health sciences. We help our customers implement training protocols that improve both lifespan & healthspan.


An online or mobile personal trainer will save you time, give you more flexibility about where and when to workout and is ideal if you want to keep an eye on the kids or be back at your desk within the hour. Each of the personal trainers on our team is vetter and cerftified, and will provide you with a positive experience and visible results in a short period of time.

Our mission is to help our customers evolve and achieve their goals. At ACTIVATE, training and coaching sessions are 100% personalized. The time we spend 1-on-1, will allow us to effectively convey our knowledge and expertise, and will make your personal fitness and wellness journey with us a memorable one. After the initial assessment, we carefully design your program together and help you choose the option that suits you best. Our methods and programs help change people's lives. With ACTIVATE you will:

• Reconnect with your body.
Learn how to exercise the right way.
• Obtain science-based, objective advice.
• Avoid injuries and physical inconveniences.
• Have a trainer/coach who takes care of you.
• Get a level of service unmatched in Barcelona.
• Have access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals.
• Reach your goals the safest, most effective way possible.
• Enjoy privacy and tranquility in a friendly environment.


A well-trained body is a stronger, healthier and better looking body. A balanced diet, regular exercise and weight control will provide each of us with a better quality of life and higher life expectancy. ACTIVATE provides 1:1 personal training sessions and fully-customized personal training programs for any age, goal, fitness level or physical condition. We are qualified and experienced personal trainers, nutrition coaches and wellness consultants that coach our clients to become a better version of themselves.


We offer bespoke personal training programs for different training goals as well as individual needs and preferences. From improving your body composition to prevention-based training programs; from post-injury rehabilitation to boosting athletic performance, at Activate we get you to improve program-specific fitness markers and by doing so, help you achieve each of your training goals safely and effectively. We always present you with a series of recommendations and options to help you choose the program that best suits your needs.


Whether you want to improve your health and wellbeing, fitness or performance, it is important for you to understand that everything about you is unique. Age, genes, gender, diet and many other factors affect your physiology and metabolism. Exercise and dietary intervention are powerful drivers to enhance mitochondrial energetics, both for healthy individuals and those with underlying health conditions. For athletes too, training programs and dietary modulations have a profound effect on mitochondrial function and capacity. At Activate, we leave no stone unturned in search of the best and safest way to reach your goals.


Our studios are accesible by appointment only. We operate with the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion. We promise a great atmosphere and a friendly, non-intimidating environment to get in the best possible shape.

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