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Premium Personal Trainers for Executives and UHNWI's

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Introducing Activate Premium Global Fitness Services.

In the demanding world of executive leadership, maintaining peak physical and mental performance is crucial and non-negotiable. At Activate Personal Training, we provide our clients with an exclusive global fitness solution tailored to meet the unique needs of top-level executives, high net-worth individuals and UHNWI’s. We provide personalized fitness coaching, precision nutrition and expert guidance that extends far beyond conventional personal training, to create a comprehensive health and fitness program that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and goals.

Our key differentiator is how we blend expertise, excellence, execution and example into a fully-customized, time-optimised and durable solution, that caters to your needs! Our team of premium personal trainers are available to travel to your location for periods ranging from one week to one month, ensuring that you receive top-tier fitness solutions wherever you are in the world.

Furthermore, our commitment to your fitness and wellbeing doesn't end when we leave. We empower you to continue your fitness journey independently or collaborate with local trainers. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate fitness into your routine, irrespective of your location or schedule. Experience a new level of fitness tailored for top-level executives with Activate Global Fitness Services. Elevate your health and wellbeing, no matter where your career takes you.

About Activate Global Premium Personal Training

Founded in 2007, we have been a non-stop force for our clients' wellbeing. Activate Personal Training is about helping executives learn how to sustainably cultivate their body, and develop fitness programmes designed to optimise everyday performance and obtain excellent overall health and fitness markers. Exercise, sleep, nutrition and hydration are vital attributes to creating the physiological conditions that allow ambitious executives to stay on top of their game whilst staying in great shape. We create the right framework that will help you navigate everyday challenges and obstacles. Investing in premium personal training and top tier health coaching benefits you, your company and the people you care about. To stay relevant in a fast-evolving industry, we regularly attend workshops, seminars, and training programs to ensure that our services align with the evolving needs of our clientele, as well as to remain updated on the latest trends in fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

But there is more... our team of elite trainers are not just experts in fitness; they are also cultivated companions, well-versed in proper attire, dinner etiquette, and engaging conversation. We understand that executives often navigate social landscapes where impressions matter, and we aim to ensure that your personal trainer seamlessly complements your image in any setting. We understand the significance of personal branding in every facet of your life. Whether it's choosing the right ensemble, navigating formal dinners, or engaging in sophisticated conversations, our trainers are your partners in projecting an image of success and refinement. We're here to support your journey towards excellence, inside and outside the gym.

Lastly, being a top tier service provider isn't just about what you achieve; it's about how you present yourself every step of the way. We are a team of internationally certified personal trainers who specifically cater to the needs of executives and high net-worth individuals. We provide expertise in stress management, time-efficient workouts, and strategies for maintaining fitness during frequent travel and social events. In terms of cultural sensitivity, we understand and respect diverse cultures and religions, and have worked with clients from various backgrounds. This has led us to being highly adaptable and aware of cultural nuances when providing fitness services around the globe. Providing global fitness services allows our clients to maintain their fitness routines regardless of their location. We collaborate with luxury hotels and private clubs in a number of countries. Let us conclude by emphasizing the importance of confidentiality and trust. We are well aware executives and UHNWI's value discretion and privacy, and want to assure you of our full commitment, knowing this will strengthen our professional relationships whereever we go.

Customizable Packages and Pricing

We offer our clients flexible and customizable packages to accommodate for the unique preferences and busy schedules that executives have. We make sure your personal training experience with Activate Personal Training is worth every penny and every minute of your time. We provide options for in-person training, virtual sessions, and ongoing support to meet your evolving fitness requirements. We are aware that success is not only about fitness, expertise and excellence, but also about building strong relationships and understanding the distinctive needs of a high-profile clientele.

Booking and Reservation Information

For all booking and reservation inquiries, please contact us through the following channels:

Phone: +34 623 38 67 28

Our dedicated PA will be delighted to assist you with scheduling, travel arrangements, and any additional information you may require. References from satisfied clients who endorse our services are available upon request. We appreciate your trust in Activate Personal Training Global Fitness Services and look forward to providing you with an unparalleled fitness experience.

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