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Determine and Eliminate Existing Performance Gaps

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At Activate, we provide a variety of physical fitness tests that will help to objectively identify individual performance gaps. We use non-invasive testing protocols based on different exercises. Each testing protocol is tailored to a personal context (age, gender, and type of sports), and evaluate variables such as the different energy systems, muscle strenght, explosiveness and flexibility, amongs other.

After conducting the tests, we will provide the athlete, and if desired his or her coach or and the parents in case of minors with an objective scoring card. Each scoring card also features values of reference to help determine performance gaps and specific training needs. Lastly we will make a series of recommendations and will provide you with a detailed action plan. If desired we can also provide customized training plans, so the athlete can immediately commence closing the identified performance gaps.

The duration of the physical fitness testing is aproximately 70min. We recommend a light meal 90min before the testing and a snack (fruit, energy bar) aproximately 30min before. Also make sure to bring a bottle of water or isotonic drink for during the session, and a piece of fruit for after.

"A big thumbs up for the way you treated me and my son during our visit to your studio. Michael was very comfortable and had a great time during the tests. Now we have more clarity about what the next stage in his development as a footballer will look like. Many thanks Sergio and Sascha."

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