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Personalized Diets and Meal Plans

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It may sound cliché when we say that our metabolism is as unique as our fingerprint. But unless we fully understand our metabolism and its ramifications for our diet and digestion, the outcomes of any fitness or performance program will be suboptimal. The same applies to the way we organize our lives, the way we work, understand our temprament, personality, morphology and so on. Knowing this, we intend to tailor every diet and exercise program to each of our clients needs and requirments to the greatest possible extend. You can only be successful in achieving your goals, whether that is to control your weight, lose fat, gain muscle or reach peak performance, if your program fully personalized to each moment in time (our lives change constantly, so our diet should adapt too). At Activate, we specialize in nutrition for longevity, health-issues, overall fitness as well as sport-performance. Whilst applying a large number of variables when creating your customized diet or meal plan, we also make sure your diet remains practical, easy to follow and effective all at once. The fact that many of our clients, even after many years, are still following our dietary guidelines to some extend is greatly satisfying. In the end, this is what a personalized diet should be about. An Activate diet or nutrition plan provides you with long-lasting changes to dietary habits that, in turn, lead to an improved state of personal health, wellbeing and cognitive & physical performance.

Feel free to contact us to find out the type of diet or nutrition intervention that best suits your needs.

 Weight Loss and Muscle Definition
 Strength Training and Muscle Mass
 Pathologies and Health Conditions
 Sports Performance Enhancement
 Cooking and Meal Prepping
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