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Nutrition Coaching and Personalized Diets Barcelona

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Instead of teaching us to take care of ourselves and our health, the global health system continues to prioritize the use of drugs, medications or surgical interventions before using prevention as treatment. These are anomalies in the educational and healthcare system that won't easily disappear. As a result one has to self-educate and take responsibilty for ones own health and wellbeing. A combination of inadequate eating habits, excess stress and stimuli, a sedentary lifestyle, food contamination and a slowing metabolism (be it due to age, genetics, inactivity or a bad diet) lead to the increase in diet-related health problems and problems with excess weight. A dietary reset and nutritional coaching is often the only way for people to make meaningful dietary changes.

We eat to acquire energy and provide the body with the nutrients necessary for its construction, maintenance and repair. The brain, along with different organs, registers macronutrient levels and when the need for food is detected, a signal that is commonly recognized as hunger is sent out. Micronutrient deficiencies give signals that are more difficult to diagnose and interpret, but often cause a variety of symptoms such as i.a. mood swings, lack of energy, lethargy, fatigue, brain fog, frequent colds or lack of focus.

Binge eating is another eating problem that is caused by eating compulsively and is, due to a variety of reasons, reaching epidemic levels. Most people that eat compulsively will gain weight. Over time, excess weight problems can lead to health problems. At Activate, we will address all of your individual nutritional needs, such as: creating better eating habits, food selection, planning and organizing of your diet, hormonal regulation and modulation, managing cravings as well as long-term weight control, improvement of physical-mental performance and ultimately obtaining a better health and quality of life.

At ACTIVATE, every diet and nutrition consultation is individualised and adapted to your personal context and goals. We provide practical solutions based on scientific evidence and our personal experience from doing what we are most passionate about: helping our customers achieve their goals. Our professional team of nutrition coaches will change how you look, feel and perform. Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements because of specific (medical, genetical or other) circumstances.

    • Weight management
    • Sports performance
    • Mental clarity and performance
    • Pregnancy, post-partum and breastfeeding
    • Managing common food - prescription drug interactions
    • Diet therapy and dietetics for chronic illnesses and conditions
    • Body composition improvement and improvement of self-image
    • Nutritionial strategies for cellulite, liquid retention and microcirculatory affections
    • Nutrition programs for managing women’s health, female fitness and menopause
    • Nutrition programs for managing andropause, male fitness and men’s health


During short initial phone call we identify your needs and goals. Based on the phone call we plan a consultation with the nutritionist that best aligns with your goals.  During the consultation we assess variables such as your current diet, body composition, daily activity, sleep quality, medical history, prescription drugs, lifestyle etc., communicate methodology and develop a fully integrated treatment approach. Subsequently we prepare the necessary dietary protocols, the personalized diet plan, dietary guidelines, individual recommendations etc.


Initial consultation - €100,00. (INCLUDES A PERSONALIZED DIET)
Follow-up visits - €60,00

Basic Diet Plan

  • Initial consultation
  • 2 Follow up visits
  • Period check-ups
  • Basic food shopping list OR basic personalized meal plan

Price: €180,00

Premium Diet Plan

  • Initial consultation
  • 3 Follow up visits
  • Periodic check-ins by phone
  • Unlimited supervision and coaching via whatsapp, phone or email
  • Detailed daily food shopping lists OR detailed daily personalized meal plan

Price: €250,00


At ACTIVATE we understand context is key! The deeper our understanding of your personal context and individual requirements, the better your results. Only a qualified, experienced and competent professional is able to understand the importance of personal context. As professionals we continuously want to beat the norm and stay on top of our game.

 Weight Loss and Muscle Definition
 Strength Training and Muscle Mass
 Pathologies and Health Conditions
 Sports Performance Enhancement
 Cooking and Meal Prepping
 Other or Multiple Goals

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