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Personal Training Programs Barcelona

Personal Trainer Barcelona
A well-designed customized training plan adapted to your individual needs is fundamental to achieving your health, fitness and wellness goals. Whether you want to have a strong, lean and toned body, increase energy levels, maintain good posture and balance, reduce muscle pain and tension or prevent future health issues or injuries, at Activate we've got you covered.

Understanding and identifying individual needs is key and can only be attained through quality assessment. That is what makes Activate stand out from the rest.
"If I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle on the table I won't get an optimal result". By identifying all your personal needs (named and unnamed), we are able to complete that puzzle for you. As a consequence you will get better value for money and far better results.

Personal Training Programs

Each fully-customized personal training program is based on the data and information from your assessment, and will ensure the safest, quickest and most cost-efficient way to help you achieve your goals. Depending on your needs and goals, we provide three programs that require each a particular training methodology and approach.

1. Generic Personal Training Programs.

Training programs for individuals from all ages who seek to lose fat, tone up or gain muscle strenght or mass. Changes in body composition if combined with physical exercise will help to maintain or increase muscle mass at the same time. The rate of weight loss or muscle gain depends largely on the number of weekly sessions, session duration and diet. We provide the following generic personal training programs:

- Male and female fat loss
- Body tone and muscle definition
- Lean massing program (Includes a special dietary approach)
- Muscle strength
- Muscle mass

2. Movewell Personal Training Program.

The movewell programs are designed based on a innovative training methodology that combines the benefits of physical training with physioterapy/injury prevention. Sessions take place in our designated functional training area together with a personal trainer that specializes in the fields of injury prevention and recovery, pain management, postural improvement, balance & stability and flexibility/range of movement. We provide the following Movewell Progams:

- Movewell injury prevention and rehabilitation
- Movewell balance and stability
- Movewell postural aligment
- Movewell functional fitness  

Movewell is about building strong bridges between the different biomechanical links. For classic and functional physioterapy please visit our rehab section in the main menu.

3. Performwell

The performwell programs are aimed at identifying and improving any weak spots in each of the different fitness markers (speed, agility, strength, endurance, explosiveness, balance etc). Based on the results of the assessment we will then design a comprehensive training program, and if required suggest ways to improve the athlete's body composition as well. We provide the following Performwell Progams:   

- Performwell team sports
- Performwell endurance sports
- Performwell pro & elite athlete program
- Performwell talent development program

To start a performwell program means entering a leading-edge high-performance environment, with the aim to help each atlete reach the next level.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

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