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We strive for progress, day after day!

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As a team and as individuals, we live by these core values: respect, responsibility, objectivity, excellence, honesty, integrity, openness, fairness, diversity, empowerment, and selflessness. Our philosophy and work ethic are guided by our core values and the do-no-harm principle.

Activate personal trainers understand the WHY's WHAT's & HOW's to a healther lifestyle and a better life. As such, we do not only engage in 1-on-1 sessions but motivate each customer using compelling arguments as to why we should exercise regularly, what to do when we are on our own and how to create better habits. Working with a professional personal trainer or wellness/performance coach can and will change things for the better!

Trainers and coaches are widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to restart, reconnect and regain control over your fitness, wellbeing and performance. Once you have started your journey at ACTIVATE, you will quickly discover that hiring a personal trainer was the right decision. Our promise and your decision result in an experience that goes far beyond what you had expected in the first place.


1. Endless Motivation - most of us work harder in presence of others. Having a personal trainer or performance coach in your life leads to regained confidence, better energy, determination and the motivation to have the best possible experience. At Activate we focus on managing motivation before anything else. A motivated customer is a successful customers.

2. Correct Form & Technique - A certified personal trainer will adapt form and technique to your indivual strenght, limitation, anatomy, movement patterns and biomechanics. The outcome being to increase efficiency, prevent injuries and reach your fitness and wellness goals.

3. Clarity - Exercise can be very confusing as there is a lot of information to study and filter out. A personal trainer will reduce the guesswork, help you find credible sources and provide direction so you can focus completely on achieving your goals.  

4. Personalized Approach - Everyone is different. Your unique anatomy, physiology, mechanics, tolerance, personal preferences, limitations, experiences etc. will help your trainer adjust the training to your needs, and avoid a do-this, do-that one-size-fits-all approach recommended by your neighbour or friends.

5. Save Time - Personal training is time-optimised and efficient. By no means will anyone be able to train in such an efficient, safe and time-optimised manner as with a personal trainer. When responsibilities grow, time grows short. In such case exercise and diet are often fall victim to time. A personal trainer will help you make better decisions, prioritise and hold you accountable for your decisions. Over time the compounded effort results in positive changes in all areas of life.

6. Confidence - A big-box gym can be quite an intimidating, noisy and smelly environment. Working out in a private studio, outdoors or at your home allows you to become confident with exercise and better focus on the workout without any distractions.

7. Consistency - Most people find it hard to stick to an exercise program and will easily come up with excuses or fall for temptations. A personal trainer will hold you accountable and will encourage you to commit to your program. It is also harder to skip a workout when someone is waiting for you.

8. Flexibility - Train when you want, where you want. A personal trainer allows you not only to be more efficient but adapts to your personal agenda and allows for weekly flexiblity as to where and when you want to train.

9. Sports-specific - Are you preparing your first marathon? Do you want to improve performace for a specific sport or train for a competition or event?  At Activate we can design and supervise a training program specific to your sport, helping you to improve you athletic performance and reduce the chance of injury setbacks.

10. Medical Conditions - Exercise in the right dose, type and intensity is beneficial for preventing and managing many illnesses and conditions such as heart disease, metabolic disorders, diabetes, etc. At Activate we provide a multidisciplanary approach with a team of specialized trainers, nutritionists and therapists who have the necessary knowledge and experience in training, treating and coaching clients with chronic conditions. We can design and prescribe exercise programs that are safe, effective and provide a positive exercise experience.

11. Age With Grace - Our bodies change as we become older. Most likely you are nor capable of nor attracted to exercising the way you used to. At Activate our trainers will help to adjust the program to your needs and requirements, allowing you to get the best results possible.

12. Fun! - Exercise with a pt is also a lot of fun. Even whilst sweating it out a personal trainer will provide plenty of cheerleading and fun throughout your sessions. Good vibes assured when you train with us.

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