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About us
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Activate Personal Training was founded in Barcelona in 2007. Scientific and technological innovations during the past decade showed the speed and scale at which change happens nowadays. We have observed major scientific breakthroughs in the field of bioscience (gene editing), and important progress has been made in understanding the contribution of gut microbiome in health and disease. In the field of sports science recent developments have pushed performance to new limits, extended athlete's careers and reduced recovery time.

Sascha Rado

The founder and director of Activate, Sascha Rado has successfully navigated this rapidly changing environment. Open-mindedness, discipline and innovation have culminated into cutting-edge training methods and a solid, satisfied client base. Activate is about acquiring knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice. The drive to learn and become better day after day helped us progress and grow, not only as a company, but as a team, and as individuals. Having studied and lived in many countries, Sascha is fluent in six languanges.

Over the years Sascha has been able to apply and share his knowledge in remarkable ways. From complex injury rehabilitation to enhancing athletic performance; from designing corporate fitness and wellness programs for multinational companies to guest lecturing gigs at renowned Universities. These days Sascha is mainly occupied refining his training methods as well as coaching and mentoring the trainers, to make sure each client get the latest, safest and most efficient training possible. Sascha's created a methodology and systems from which the different Activate training programs were derived. His passion, determination and drive keep Activate at the forefront of our industry.

The A-Team

A team of exceptional personal trainers stands ready to make every training moment at Activate a unique one and will make sure you reach all your goals.

Richie Alexander, the studio manager, the eternal student, an avid runner, and a force to be reckoned with, Richie not only manages the Activate Running Club where he guides and supervises runners in their quest for a better performance and reducing recurring or frequent injuries but is one of the most promising talents in Barcelona when it comes to personal training. Richie specialises in reducing any form of inefficiency, inhibitions or imbalances to the lower extremities and hip/low-back area. Any problem derived from poor posture, form, function or technique will be assessed and addressed. Richie has very extensive knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and pathology and speaks fluent Spanish, Dutch and English.


- Lower body and low back strength
- Lower extremity injury prevention and rehabilitation
- Running performance and technique
- Cardiovascular health and fitness

Maya is our best in class trainer for weight loss and body toning. She trained under Charles Poliquin, and earned herself a degree in sports nutrition and hormonal profiling. Hormones affects virtually every organ in the human body and imbalances will eventually compromise our health, body composition and performance in some way. Human physiologic processes such as homeostasis, metabolic demand, development, and reproduction are all possible because of hormones and the processes mediated by their actions. Maya will give each customer a 360 degree helicopter view of what's out of whack and what's you can do about it by means of either training or dietary changes. Mother to Samuel, Maya is also our reference for pregnancy and post-partum training programs. Maya speaks Spanish and English.


- Weight loss and body toning training
- Strength and resistance training
- Sports nutrition and weight loss diets
- Hormonal profiling
- Nutritional counselling

Tom is our best in class strength trainer. He knows so many exercises and variations no training will ever be the same. Tom is a great observer and will always adapt any exercise that you seemingly can't or should do, with one that you can. His vast experience with weights training makes him a great asset to our team when it comes to training for athletic performance and building muscle strenght or mass. If desired, he guides his customers with their nutritional needs as well. Oh and Tom is very witty (at least that's what he thinks). Tom is English and speaks Spanish.


- Strength and conditioning training
- Weights training and weight lifting
- Functional fitness and mobility training
- Dietary analysis and nutrition counselling

Rayan is our functional training expert. Rayan was born into a family of athletes, and is very skilled in both strength training and above all functional fitness. Rayan is our upper body specialist, focussing on neck, shoulder and back related issues for clients with issues such as lack of mobility, stiffness and pain. He is currently training under Sascha to become the head trainer and final responsible for the different MOVEWELL programs. As you might find out, Rayan knows a thing or two about exercise and injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as pushing athletes to overcome physical limitations and musculoskeletal inhibitions. Rayan speaks fluent Spanish, Catalá, French and English.


- Functional training specialist
- Sports performance coach
- Upper body injury prevention and rehabilitation
- Strenght training and functional strength training

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