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Personal Trainer Barcelona

We are a team of English-speaking personal trainers and coaches living and working in Barcelona. Together we have 30+ years of experience working with general fitness, health and performance goals such as weight loss and body composition, muscle strength and hypertrophy, (sports)nutrition, antiageing, longevity, etc.

Each ACTIVATE team member also brings a wealth of knowledge to specific areas such as the treatment and prevention of specific health conditions in men and women (i.e. type-II diabetes, CVD, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, pelvic floor, osteoporosis, HRT, etc.), sports performance, health-risk screening, postural alignment, supplementation, exercise physiology, biomechanics, injury prevention and coaching.

Sascha Heinrich (MsC in Sport Science, BsC in Sports Management)

Sascha Heinrich is the founder and driving force behind Activate Personal Training. His vast amount of knowledge, experience and insight, together with a deep understanding of each of his customer's needs, have helped Sascha and the team develop ACTIVATE's signature training programs: PFS PerformWell and XLS MoveWell. Continuous investigation and understanding the latest developments in health and performance, exercise physiology and human biology, make Sascha a huge asset to both Activate's clients as well as the team. With 15+ years of experience, he and his team provide clients with an unmatched personal training experience as also safe, solid and long-lasting results. He is on the Insaren board and, together with leading professionals from within the fitness sector, created the Activate Academy.


  • Performance Enhancement
  • Health Coaching
  • Metabolic Rehabilitation and Metabolic Flexibility (METCON)
  • Training protocols for endurance sports (Polarized Training, Threshold Training, SST, HIIT, etc.)
  • Training protocols for injury prevention and rehabilitation (Hamstring, ACL, MCL, etc.)
  • Sport & exercise physiology
  • Sports nutrition and supplementation
  • Biomecanics and functional tests
  • TrainingPeaks Coach Level II

Maya Mayorga (CPT Level 3 Personal Trainer, BsC in Health Sciences)

Maya is a top-notch personal trainer & health coach who specializes in strength training and weight loss. Maya is an expert in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism for both male and female fitness, as well as health and disease prevention. Since 2016 she also specializes in Women's Health, providing pregnancy and pre/post-partum training and coaching, menopause, PMS and pelvic floor health. Before joining Activate in 2016, Maya trained under Charles Poliquin in the United States. Maya also holds a degree in nutrition and dietetics at Deusto Salud. Maya is a very sought-after personal trainer, nutrition coach and wellness consultant.


  • Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Control
  • Longevity and Disease Prevention for Men and Women
  • Expert in exercise physiology and metabolism
  • Expert in advanced training protocols for metabolic diseases and and cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Exercise physiology and (sports) nutrition specialist
  • Pre and post-partum, pregnancy and menopause
  • Women's health and fitness expert.
  • Anthropometry (body composition measurements)
  • Health Screening and Functional Testing

Ryan Santana

Ryan is our expert in functional training and holds a Degree in Sport Science as well as a Master in Biomechanics. Born into a family of athletes, Rayan is driven by goals and results. Strength training and functional fitness are his passion, and he serves as our specialist for neck, shoulder and low-back problems, pain management and post-rehab training. Ryan is co-creator of the XLS MoveWell and Functional Fitness Programs.


  • Certified Health Fitness Specialist and co-creator of the XLS MoveWell and Functional Fitness Programs
  • Expert in biomechanics and injury prevention & rehabilitation
  • Expert in exercise physiology and sports endocrinology
  • Training protocols for muscle development (strength and hypertrophy)
  • Exercise physiology and (sports) nutrition specialist
  • Functional training specialist for injury prevention, pain management and postural improvement/alignment.

Sergio Aurrecoechea

With a Master in Sports Science as well as Sport Nutrition, Sergio specializes in performance training and sports nutrition for junior and senior athletes in both resistance and team sports. Being a dedicated athlete, Sergio is well-known for his knowledge in training protocols and training cycles, helping his customers achieve their maximum potential. He is a detailed professional who always seeks to optimize the outcomes for his clients and is very meticulous in writing and executing training plans.


  • Sports-specific performance enhancement and co-creator of the PFS PerformWell Programs
  • Expert in training protocols and periodization for endurance athletes (cycling, running and trail running, triathlon)
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation specialist for endurance sports
  • Expert in Polarized Training, Threshold Training, SST, HIIT, etc.)
  • Expert in sport and exercise physiology
  • Specialist in sports nutrition for adolescent and adult athletes.
  • Expert in foot and ankle biomecanics
  • TrainingPeaks Coach.

Tobias Deeg

Tobias is our expert in martial arts, strength training and funcional exercise. Tobias' exposure to combat sports, such as Judo, Karate, Kick-boxing and Wu Shu, taught him the value and importance of exercise as a means of acquiring not only physical fitness but also mental strength, discipline and a non-fragile mindset. This mindset reignited his passion for physical exercise later on in life when he started gravitating more and more towards resistance and strength training. Having experienced the physiological and psychological benefits of various forms of training, he realised that my occupation would have to be a physically active one which would allow me to interact directly with other people though coaching. Tobias obtained two internationally recognised certifications as a trainer (Physical conditioning in multi-purpose training facilities and Advanced personal training) from Orthos, and completed an additional specialisation in strength and conditioning with the Catalan Federation of Bodybuilding (Federació Catalana de Físic-culturisme). Besides having over seven years of personal experience in strength training, he has conducted outdoor group and individual training sessions using bodyweight, agility, HIIT and calisthenics-style exercises protocols, and worked with clients using functional and resistance training modalities.


  • Certified Health Fitness Specialist and XLS MoveWell Coach Level III
  • Expert in training protocols for muscle development and strength training
  • Expert in stretching and mobility protocols for athletes and general public
  • Martial arts and fitness training specialist
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Biomechanics and functional training specialist for injury prevention and postural improvement

Manuela Santner

Manuela holds a BSc in Psychology and specializes in mental coaching and sports psychology to improve our clients’ lives both on a personal and on a professional level. Manuela herself trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and thus is well aware of the importance of developing a strong will and mindset to succeed.
She puts a unique focus on balancing mental and physical health by combining modern Western psychology with ancient Asian healing traditions, as a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice versa. She spent several years studying Acupuncture and Traditional Thai Massage in Asia. Currently she is training at the International University of La Rioja as a specialist in trauma, EMDR and Resource Work.

Expertise & Specializations:

  • Client-centered therapy (Rogers)
  • EMDR/Resource Work
  • Sports psychology
  • Meditation/Mindfullness
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Traditional Thai Massage

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