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Meet the A-Team

Personal Trainer Barcelona

We are a small team of expert English-speaking international personal trainers and coaches in Barcelona. Aside from regular personal training sessions for fitness and weight loss, each team member specializes in a different area of training and coaching. We have also incorporated a high performance sports psychologist, who guides and supervises some of our customers in their quest for improved mental toughness and grit.  

Sascha Heinrich

Sascha Heinrich is the founder of Activate. During his career he has trained and coached many top-level athletes in basketball, soccer, running and cycling, as well as high performing executives and entrepreneurs. The vast amount of knowledge, experience and insight gained from being at the pinnacle of performance, together with a deep understanding of our customer's needs, have guided Sascha and his team in their quest for developing next-level training and coaching methods, and provide our clients with a unique experience and tangible, long-lasting results. In 2020 he set up the Activate High Performance Institute and in 2022 the recently launched Activate Academy.

Since 2008, Sascha has led a highly competent and motivated team of international, English-speaking personal trainers, nutrition and performance coaches as well as wellness consultants, who help each customer (individuals and collectives) create a roadmap and action plan for successfully achieving their health, fitness, wellness or performance goals.

ACTIVATE is also the place to be, if you want to learn about and reconnect with your body and live a fitter, healthier and more productive life. By constantly refining our approach we make sure each client receives the latest, safest and most efficient methods available, and keep Activate at the forefront of our industry. My qualified and talented staff stands ready to make every single training and coaching session worth your time.

The A-Team

Richie Alexander, our studio manager, is one of the most exceptional English-speaking personal trainers in Barcelona. With a medical background, Richie specializes in post-rehabilitation, post-surgery, chronic illnesses and musculoskeletal imbalances. As such, any problem derived from misalignments, imbalances, dysfunction, athrophy etc. will be adecuately assessed and addressed. A life-long learner, Richie's extensive knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and pathology makes him a valuable team member. Richie is responsible for the MoveWell Post-Rehabilitation Programs.

Maya Mayorga is our most experienced personal trainer and specializes in weight loss, strength training as well as pregnancy and post-partum training programs. Before starting her career at ACTIVATE in 2017, Maya trained under Charles Poliquin in the United States and holds a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Being our most expert team member, Maya is a sought-after professional personal trainer, nutrition coach and wellness consultant. Maya is responsible for our Corporate Wellness Programs.

Ryan Santana is our expert in functional training and currenty finishing his Master in Biomechanics. Born into a family of athletes, Rayan is driven by dedication and results. Strength training and functional fitness are his passion, and he serves as our specialist for neck, shoulder and low-back problems, pain management and post-rehab training. Ryan is responsible for the MOVEWELL Functional Fitness Programs.

Sergio Aurrecoechea specializes in high performance training and sports nutrition. Being a dedicated athlete, Sergio is well-known for his knowledge in motivation management and sports psychology helping his customers achieve their maximum potential. He is a detailed professional who always seeks to optimize the outcomes for his clients and meticulously revises their training plans. Sergio is responsible for the PerformWell Performance Programs.

Xavier Sánchez, graduated in Sports Sciences and holds a Professional Master's Degree in High-Performance Team Training (INEFC - FCBarcelona). Xavier has been a personal trainer and strength coach at Activate for more than 8 years now, and he began his relationship with Activate as a client, training with Sascha in 2012 for the University entrance exams (INEFC). He quickly become a part of the team directing Activate Bootcamp Poblenou in 2013. He has trained professional soccer and water polo teams and has vast experience training different age groups, from children and adolescents to adults and seniors. Currently he directs Activate Academy as well as the High Performance Institute, for which Xavier constantly travels between Dubai, Paris, Boston, London, Riyadh and Barcelona. He speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

Thomas Peers
is our best in class trainer for physique and body shaping. He knows so many exercises and variations no training will ever be the same. Tom is a great observer and will always adapt any exercise that you seemingly can't or should do, with one that you can. His vast experience with weights training makes him a great asset to our team when it comes to training for athletic performance and building muscle strenght or mass. If desired, he guides his customers with their nutritional needs as well.

Franziska Saller, PhD. in Sports and Health Sciences, is our expert in occupational health & safety, and injury prevention. She is responsible for quality control and an integral part of some of the training and coaching methods we have developed at Activate. Together with Xavier, she leads the Activate High Performance Institute and is coach and mentor at the Activate Academy. Franziska specialises in corporate wellness and health initiatives, as well as health diagnostics. You can find Franziska's work on non-communicable diseases as well as biopsychosocial factor in physical activity and diet on researchgate.

Manuela Santner, BSc in Psychology, specializes in mental coaching and psychology to improve our clients’ lives both on a personal and on a professional level. She is trained in Client-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers and Sports Psychology as well as in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This unique combination allows for an optimized individual support of each client both on a mental as well as on a physical level.

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