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Wellness Coach Barcelona and Dubai

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Based on the latest evidence in neuroscience and human physiology, we now understand better than never before, that mindfulness isn't just a new-age buzzword. We have also come to know, it is practically impossible to have a healthy body without being mindful about your relationship with yourself and your direct environment. According to a recent study, 23 percent of people frequently suffer from stress. This condition not only puts a strain on the wellbeing of those affected, but it is also linked to a number of physiological diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and psychological disorders such as depression, one of the world's leading causes of disease burden (Global Burden of Disease Study).

Therefore, effective methods are being sought to reduce everyday stress in the long term. One promising option is mindfulness training, in which participants train their cognitive and social skills, including attention, awareness, perception, gratitude and compassion, through various meditation and behavioural exercises. Various studies have already shown that even healthy people feel less stressed after a typical eight-week training programme. Blinded studies are not possible in mental training, however objective, i.e. physiological, methods to measure the stress-reducing effect more precisely are, being explored in mindfulness research. The concentration of cortisol in hair, for example, is considered a suitable measure of exposure to stress. The longer the stress lasts, the more cortisol accumulates in our hair. Studies at the University of Dresden revealed that after six months of mindfulness training, the amount of cortisol in the subjects’ hair decreased on average by 25 percent.

Many diseases, including depression, are directly or indirectly related to long-term stress. At Activate, we work on counteracting the effects of chronic stress in a preventive way by providing mindfulness-based wellness initiatives that alleviate general stress levels, even in healthy individuals. We provide services such as corporate wellness days/weeks, wellness consulting, bespoke programmes and individual coaching.

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