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Physiotherapy Barcelona

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At ACTIVATE BARCELONA we provide physiotherapy as well as functional injury rehabilitation. Our team of experienced English-speaking physios aim to find the best way to try to help your body heal and recover from injury. By using  a wide variety of techniques we try to give your body the support it needs to re-balance and return to optimal function. A balanced body can move better and do more.


An integral part of our approach is by assessment and treatment of the body in its entirety, not only focusing on the complaint in isolation. The body will adapt and compensate in amazing ways - we need to find what new patterns of movement your body has adopted to protect itself and see what we can do to unwind this chain of compensation to re-balance the system.


Treatment is often very gentle and focuses on treating the body holistically. Various techniques are used to realign and re-balance the body.  Exercises are given to retrain the body in the correct patterns of movement and also to retrain the system to maintain this better functional position. Strength, flexibility and control are essential in the rehabilitation programme. Should you wish, Craniosacral therapy, The Bowen Technique or Acupuncture can be done as a full treatment. We provide home visits and online treatments in case required.

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