Wipeout Circuit Training

WipeOut Circuit Training (or WCT) is a new circuit training concept inspired by the physical preparation needed for extreme sports. Each workout, called WOW, is different and has been designed around the requirements and characteristics of a set of disciplines and will help participants attain an excellent physical condition, technique, skill and attitude, in a short period of time. WipeOut Circuit Training will be challenging but will not include AMRAPS or maximum rounds for time as is habitual in CrossFit because of safety reason.

WipeOut Circuit Training is exclusively available to only a handful of studios amongst which Activate Personal Training in Barcelona. They also regularly organise different outdoor events and activities on the beach, in the sea, in the mountains, etc.

Next masterclass in Barcelona, Spain: Saturday Sept 2nd at noon.

More information: training@active-8.es or +34 675 41 46 43 (WhatsApp available)


Some of the best classes I have attended in Barcelona. Quality instruction, great crowd and loads of extra activities. I can only recommend. Sheila, Barcelona.

Challenging and fun. Highly recommendable. Markus, Germany.

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