Why workout?

Regular exercise is a fanstastic way to drop pounds, build muscle and define your body. But there is more to it…

Exercise is essential for correct human functioning. Nowadays, our lifestyles are far from ideal, and physical and psychological imbalances have become the rule more than the exception. From time-famined entrepreneurs to sleep-deprived mothers, we can see the imbalances of current day life every single day, through the work we do.

The human body manages these imbalances by a multitude of highly complex interactions to maintain balance or return systems to functioning within a normal range. These interactions within the body facilitate compensatory changes supportive of physical and psychological functioning. This process, called human homeostasis, is essential to the survival of the person and to our species. An inability to maintain homeostasis will eventually lead to disease. Exercise, if properly applied, can help restore homeostasis and can prevent the proliferation of disease.

Exercise is restorative and regular workouts will automatically trigger a deep body transformation. Exercise stimulates the endocrine system, which is responsible for balanced hormone levels, which will help you to improve your mood, lose weight, build muscle, increase stamina and above all, cope better with stress. Working out regularly over a prolonged period of time will improve every function of the human body, mentally and physically!

That explains why famous doctors, physicians, therapists and dieticians recommend regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. In eastern medicine, daily moderate exercise is obligatory, and directly associated with the prevention of chronic disease and an increase in longevity.

We see different needs and thereforerequire a different approach, there is one thing that all our clients share: the need for inspiration and motivation.

Every personalised training program should be based on three pillars:

1. Functionality: exercises that have a positive relationship to the activities you perform in your day to day life. By improving your physical funtion you will be better able to move your body pain-free in all dimensions, without risk of injury.
2. Performance: exercises that enhance your physical condition; stamina, strength, speed, agility, etc.
3. Health: exercise will help to restore your hormone balance, reduce body fat and improve muscle tone and muscle definition.

We assess the capacity and ability of every individual client carefully during your six step  assessment and will only increase resistance and intensity when you are able to handle that increase without the risk of injury.

What to expect?

Expect to be inspired and motivated. Expect to be closely supervised even when you’re not training. Expect a big change in your life. Expect a great experience and great results!

      ”As a singer I have tried several personal trainers in NYC and other cities around the globe. And sincerely I didn’t expect to find such a high quality in training and physical preparation as with Active-8. I can therefore only recommend. Isabel Ripoll, Bellaterra.”

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