Virtual Trainer

Active-8 caters for the specific needs and desires of almost anyone, from professional athletes to exercise novices, from people reovering from an injury to mums-to-be.

We have recently launched our Virtual Personal Trainer programme so you can devise your fitness plan with our experts online via webcam and carry out your tailor made, one to one exercise routines from the comfort of your home. We believe in treating your whole body so you can optimize your personal strength and flexibility to have you at your ABSOLUTE best. Our Virtual Personal Trainer program is your effective alternative to getting fit, maximising strength and restoring your body to it’s physical best.

The benefits of a virtual training programme:

- From the comfort and privacy of your own home.
- No gym memberships needed
- Saves your time commuting and time training
- Effective and safe workouts guided and supervised by a expert team of personal trainers and fitness coaches
- Diet and nutrition advice included
- Accesible for any fitness level
- Exercise planning available
- Cost effective

Our time zone for training scheduling: GMT +1 (Trainings available from 6h – 23h local time)

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