Wipeout Surf Training

WipeOut Surf Training (or WST) is a training concept to assist the specific physical preparation needed for surfers to stay on top of their game. Each workout has been designed around the requirements and characteristics of a set of disciplines and will help participants attain an excellent physical condition, technique, skill and attitude.

In Barcelona, WipeOut Surf Training is exclusively available at Activate Personal Training. WST regularly organise surf trips and outdoor events on the beach, in the sea, in the mountains, etc.

Contact us for information

TEL:+34 675 41 46 43 (WhatsApp available)
FACEBOOK: Facebook/wipeoutsurftraining/
INSTAGRAM: @wipeout_surf_training


Some of the best classes I have attended in Barcelona. Quality instruction, great crowd and loads of extra activities. I can only recommend. Sheila, Barcelona.

Challenging and fun. Highly recommendable. Markus, Germany.

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