Self Defense

Have martial arts always attracted your attention? Do you want to learn how to defend yourself? Or do you just want to get fit and gain strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination? Then this package will fit on you like a (boxing) glove! Individualized and adapted to your physical condition and personal goals, you will receive a training program with technical components as well as high intensity workouts. Your way to a completely new body sensation.

Our packages are compeletely personalised and consist of:

– One-to-one training sessions focused on self-defense or kickboxing (or both)
– Coordination and technique training
– Moderate to high intensity workouts for strength and endurance
– Introduction in the handling of martial art equipment (boxing gloves, paws, rope jumping etc.)

These classes are suitable for everyone (no previous knowledge or physical conditions needed). Buddy classes available, so don’t hesitate to invite a friend.

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