As experts in exercise and nutrition science we have been published in national television and press such as La Vanguardia, Mundo Deportivo, Women’s Health, Muy Saludable and CMD Sport. Activate trainers contribute to the MundoDeportivo running section. Our weekly articles can be found at

FC Barcelona – Deshaun Thomas improves performance with a good diet

Interview with Sascha Rado, nutritionist of FC Barcelona’s Deshaun Thomas

Running – Beginners Guide Part 1 (Video)

Running – Beginners Guide Part 2 (Video)

The body needs water, oxygen, food and rest to recover

Eating a diet to increase performance

What you eat or not affects your athletic performance

How to prevent injuries and improve your performance

How to assess and measure our physical fitness

Cuidado al reanudar los entrenamientos despues del verano

Jim Kent interviews Sascha Rado from Activate

Pool exercises to improve your fitness levels

Summer – the risk of heatstroke

Summer – time to train on the beach

Risks of dehydration whilst training during the summer

Muy Saludable Magazine – Hidratación

Ten tips to get back to the gym after the holidays

The Keys to “Operación Bikini”

Is the Internet a secure source of training for coaches?

The Benefits of Boot Camp

Urban Workout

Wellness Week Wows Barcelona Office

BeYou Blog, with Sascha Rado


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