Pilates Training

Pilates is a system of physical and mental training, invented in the early twentieth century by German Joseph Pilates. The system is based on his expertise in various fields such as gymnastics, yoga, traumatology, combining dynamic and muscle strength training with mind control, breathing and relaxation.

In recent years Pilates has developed a lot further and a great number of different styles and applications have appeared, but the fundamental principles such as postural alignment, concentration, control, fluidity and breathing should always be present.

Although Pilates works every muscle in the body, most of the exercises focus on the importance of the “core”, or in Pilates terms, the “powerhouse” for effective postural correction. In order to attain good postural health Pilates makes the muscles at the bottom of the trunk, surrounding the abdominal and lower back, stronger. Regular Pilates training reduces or eliminates back pain and facilitates injury-free postural function.

By doing Pilates or by integrating some of the Pilates principles into your daily exercise routine you can achieve very significant fitness and wellness benefits, such as
– improved stability and core muscle strength
– increased body awareness and coordination,
– good posture and pain control
– improved mobility and agility
– better breathing and stress reduction

Additional materials can be used, but are not necessarily required for Pilates training. Often movement of the body and its levers can already prove to be difficult enough. Pilates knows no age, sex or physical condition and is suitable for all fitness levels.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness” Joseph Pilates

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