Get better results in less time with a personal trainer

We provide safe and effective personal training sessions as well as personal training programs in the following areas:

  • Weight loss, muscle tone
  • Muscle gain, strength training
  • Metabolic conditioning, High Intensity Training (HIT), Assault Bike
  • Functional training – TRX, BOSU, RINGS
  • Myodetox and Injury prevention,
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sport specific conditioning (xletix, spartan, triathletes, runners, golfers, tennis, padel etc.)
  • Flexibility, agility and coordination

For optimal progress and results we carefully analyse your current fitness level, mechanics and movement patterns. Every program is completely adapted to your individual needs. We design programs that will make you transform your performance and physique safely and efficiently.

Principles of Physical Training

Whatever your objective, physical training and exercise is a complex activity governed by principles and methodological guidelines. These guidelines are designed to help our clients achieve a higher level of strength, endurance, coordination, mass, definition, speed, elasticity and / or a combination of them – no matter what your age, experience or fitness level.

At Activate Personal Training we always apply the basic rules to advance to a more complete (and rigorous) training program without risk of injury. To ensure both your overall well-being as well as results we design a customized training program completely adapted to your needs. There are many interrelated concepts to a human body and individual physiology such as biomechanics, posture, age, gender, hormones etc. which will all be meticulously assessed for each client before starting your training.

A training program will be successful only if it is part of a long-term plan, includes training goals, is based on scientific knowledge, and uses periodization as a guideline to plan training throughout the year. A high-quality training program is one that improves your body composition and physical performance whilst it maintains or improves your health at the same time.

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