Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching and personalised diets are becoming very popular because of the results personalised nutrition programs offer. You are probably very aware of the importance of a balanced diet and have been trying to implement changes in your diet already. Yet we see many times that the lack of time and lack of knowledge, make most intentions fail after just one or two weeks of trying.

As result of our client’s feedback on the difficulties with nutrition and diet, we have come up with a new service for two specific groups:

1. professional athletes, amateur athletes and young talents (performance based)
2. people looking to define or lose weight. (appearance based)

Apart from individual differences, each of these groups have very specific needs (calories, nutrients, meal distribution, etc). Our program will show you what you need to eat, when you need to eat, and will teach you everything you need to know on efficient meal planning and meal preparation. We have come up with a program that ensures that even the most time-famined individuals succeed in their goals.

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