Nutrition programs to enhance performance and health

The science of nutrition looks at the provision of necessary nutrients to the body to support life, health and growth. Many common health problems can be prevented, managed and improved with a healthy diet and lifestyle. With BioPrint we provide a nutrition program that has been tried and tested on thousands of American and European top athletes with result from improved body composition, physical and mental capacity to enhanced recovery.

BioPrint areas:

  • Sports nutrition and performance nutrition programs
  • Weight management and weight loss programs
  • Endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroide dysfunction, menopause, andropause, adrenal fatigue)
  • Eating habits, Cravings, digestive problems, bloating, low libido

We provide BioPrint consultations at our Barcelona clinics and via our virtual consultation room.

  • Initial consultation: €95,00
  • Follow up consultations: €65,00

Contact us to make a booking for your consultation. On confirmation of booking you will be sent a health questionnaire which is a comprehensive review of your health symptoms, lifestyle, goals and a 3 day food diary.

The questionnaire must be returned to us via email for preliminary analysis before the initial consultation. This will help your therapist identify possible lifestyle and dietary factors which could be contributing to your health concerns, and builds a picture of your health history.

We will ask you to bring/ list any medication or supplements that you are currently taking. Continue to take any medication as normal; do not stop any medication without your doctor’s consent.

For more information contact us at +34.675.41.46.43 (Whatsapp Available) or

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