Myodetox is a unique rehab system designed for taking care of the body. Life moves at a fast pace, and your body shouldn’t slow you down. We focus on restoring your body’s limitations, to make your body better for everyday and limit future injuries. This way you can live a healthy life at full potential and pain-free.

Offered exclusively at our Barcelona Myodetox Clinic, we provide a multidisciplinary approach that puts the missing pieces into place and has the goal to to revolutionize the rehab industry.

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Without Sascha I would not be in the physical and mental shape that I now find myself in after a few months of hard work. Sascha’s biomechanical knowledge was instrumental in helping me make massive strides in recovering from a serious leg accident. His awareness of my physical condition, and his unique knowledge provided me with a platform that was designed specifically for me to gradually gain strength, as well as help me understand how my body works for and against me while I recover. Sascha’s dedication and persistence was the driving force that allowed me to regrow muscle, gain physical and mental strength, and give me confidence which would not have been possible to do on my own. Honestly, I doubt there are many people that can do what Sascha can. If you are serious about your health, or if you need help recovering from an injury, Sascha and his team are the only people you should be going to. Craig, Barcelona

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