Welcome to Active-8! The place to be for personal training in Barcelona.

We are a team of certified and experienced international personal trainers and physical therapists who can help you to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels, reduce stress or just generally look and feel healthier. We supervise and motivate people that want to attain a significant improvement in terms of physical condition, appearance and performance in a realistic time-frame and in the privacy of your home.

We take personal training beyond physical exercise, and include health coaching, nutritional advise, regular assessment, analysis, and lifestyle advice. Being personal trainers is our passion, and we dedicate most of our time to our clients’ goals. Our clients enjoy good results and a positive experience. We try our best to make results achievable for anyone.

Below we have listed a number of reasons why many people acquire the help and knowledge of a certified personal trainer.

Some Of Our Clients’ Goals

Personal trainer Barcelona

  • Health based (functional)

Reduce joint pain or stiffness
Control metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity)
Illness and disease prevention
Efficient injury rehabilitation
Improve stability and coordination
Advanced neurological rehabilitation (cerebral palsy, stroke)
Spine deformities (Scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis)
Increase cardiovascular capacity
Postural improvement
Weight control and nutrition
Reduce respiratory problems
Reduce stress

  • Appearance bases (aesthetics)

Weight loss and fat metabolism
Muscle strenght and volume
Muscle tone and definition
Reduce liquid retention
Improve posture
General Appearance

  • Performance based (competition)

Race or competition training
Specific sports and technique training
Biomechanical analysis
Physical Performance testing

How to get started…

Before starting your program we conduct a 6-step assessment, which starts with a small face-to-face interview. You will also do a trial training session which allows us to assess your physical abilities and determine possible restrictions that might inhibit you from reaching the desired goals in a realistic frame of time. To read more about our 6-step assessment method click here or here to read more on specific training programs 

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