Sascha is the founder and driving spirit behind Active-8 – the #1 Personal Training Agency in Barcelona. Health and fitness have been his life-long passion and from an early age he has learned about the positive benefits exercise and lifestyle have on the human body.

The idea to start a personal training agency originated in Germany, where he formed part of a small team of expert personal trainers. Nowadays he and his partners lead an experienced team of international personal trainers in and around Barcelona.

Sascha holds a Master in Sports Science and a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management (BSSPM) and is an expert in exercise presciption for and prevention of metabolic disorders as well as musculoskeletal degeneration. As a reknowned and established exercise specialist, he regularly publishes articles and wrote the personal trainer handbook, which features safe and effective training methods, new techniques as well as advanced exercise prescription methods. He assists several clinical specialists in Teknon (traumatology and endocrinology).

He is a very inspiring and knowledgable person who always seems to find the exact balance between performance and health both for his clients as well as for the team.

”I have always been a strong advocate to the regular practice of exercise. It has been the basis for nearly everything in my life: my health, strength, awareness, self-esteem, discipline, perseverance, focus, vision etc.  It’s also a powerful tool that can rebalance and restore the different body functions.

And the beauty of it is, that physical exercise is readily available to anyone, and that you can just tap into this boundless resource at any given time. So it remains a great mistery to me why nowadays so few actually do.”

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