Family Fitness Programs

The sedentary lifestyle of children is a pandemic linked to numerous diseases such as obesity and cancer and which in Spain has a special incidence. Scientific research has shown that the model of parents, and especially of the mother who plays sports, has a high influence for the sports practice of children. Therefore, playing sports together with boys and girls as a family, and especially with mothers, will encourage a healthy habit for the rest of their lives.

Scientific studies published in the “Journal of Sports Sciences” have shown, in the case of children, that having both  parents active in sports multiplies the chances that they will be active throughout their lives by two. And in the case of girls, the possibility of them being active throughout their lives is multiplied by three. Hence the importance of the sports practice of parents, since inactive parents reduce these possibilities.

The ideal would be to encourage family sports, and despite the fact that this offer is practically non-existent in Spain, Activate offers programs aimed at children and families in Barcelona. We also offer sports activities for children while parents can do their exercise routine, however it would be ideal to do practice sports and physical activity together too. Fortunately we have the FIT KIDZ and FIT FAMILY program to encourage sports for children and families in Barcelona.

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