How do I get started?

Before starting your program we conduct a 6-step assessment:

Step I: Basic Health and Fitness Check

This test is based on a short face-to-face interview and a small health questionnaire and a trial session.

Step II: Postural Assessment

We look at your body from head to toe and in all different planes, to understand and register existing muscular imbalances and postural dysfunction.

Step III: Kinetic Chain Assessment

Here we assess integral movement and at how you progress load (weight) from one body part to another, from one extremity to another or from one joint to another in all 3 dimensions. This test is the key part of our assessment method and obligatory before starting any personal training program.

Step IV: Metabolic Typing Assessment

An important step for all those who want to lose weight and reduce body fat. Your food choice and grocery list will for a large part depend on the results of your metabolic typing results.

Step V: Sleep Cycle Analysis

We analyse your sleep cycles by using an application that gives us a complete overview of the quality of your sleep.

Step VI: Total Body Volume Measurements

Every participant gets an initial body volume measurement and we will perform these measurements every two weeks to see if you are still on track. This ensures us to be constantly informed on your progress.

Why workout?

Regular exercise is a fantastic way to drop pounds, build muscle and define your body. Nowadays, our lifestyles are far from ideal, and physical and psychological imbalances have become the rule more than the exception. From time-famined entrepreneurs to sleep-deprived mothers, we can see the imbalances of current day life every single day, through the work we do. Exercise is essential for correct human functioning.

What to expect?

Expect to be inspired and motivated. Expect to be closely supervised even when you’re not training. Expect a big change in your life. Expect a great experience and great results!

I have an injury, can I workout?

Depending on the level of your injury, and the time it took place, consult a physician to make sure you are able to follow an exercise program. Our trainers are prepared to deal with joint pain, injuries etc. Separately in most cases the injured body part can be excluded from your training programme.

How often do I need to workout?

The WHO (World Health Organization) advices to exercise for a minimum of 30 mins a day, 5 times a week on average.
Depending on your goals and time available we should seek to follow this guideline as a minimum to receive the full benefit of your workouts.  Our unique training system guarantees these results with only two or three weekly training sessions.

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