What happens if I don’t exercise regularly?

Nowadays, our lifestyles are far from ideal. Through the people we work with, we see the physical and psychological imbalances caused by modern day society. Work and family probably eat up a big chunk of your time and energy. Exercise, which is essential for correct human functioning, often gets placed on the backburner. Lack of regular physical exercise can can cause a variety of conditions such as: low energy, slow digestion, altered metabolic rates, poor posture, chronic back pain, high blood pressure, bad mood etc.

How do I get started?

Before you can start working out we always conduct a small face-to-face interview and a physical screening. The better the picture we have of your physical capacity, muscular imbalances, movement patterns and lifestyle factors, the better we can adapt and personalise the program to your specific needs ( and the better your results will be after 8 weeks). Through a couple of quick tests and measurements, the initial screening also enables us to make your progress measureable.

Why choose Active-8?

Exercise is a fantastic way to lose weight, tone up or build muscle. Regular exercise helps to regulate hormonal- and metabolic function, so it also has a direct effect on your energy, vitality and stamina. Active-8 are not just about doing exercise and physical training, we are about creating durable changes in your life and about you getting to know  “how”, “what” and “why”. Active-8 are experts who are constantly involved in your process. Then it takes just 8 weeks of commitment. Eight weeks in which you will:

1. increase your physical capacity through an individualised and specific physical training program, and

2. decrease the daily physical and mental stress/load through increasing energy, stamina and vitality, improved movement patterns and health coaching.

What to expect?

Expect to make changes in your life, whether big ones or small ones.
Expect to increase your physical and mental capacity
Expect to improve your energy levels, mood and physical appearance.
Expect to be closely supervised
Expect high motivation
Expect a great experience
Expect tangible results after 8 weeks!

I have an injury, can I workout?

Depending on the injury status (chronic or acute) and injury level (pain or discomfort), consult your physician first to make sure you are able to follow an 8 week exercise program supervised by professionals. We have two programs for chronic problems such as chronic (low) back pain, runner’s knee, herniated discs etc., but if necessary we will ask you to see a physiotherapist to get a second opinion on the injury and your current physical capacity.

How often do I need to workout?

Regardless your current fitness levels or personal objectives, in order to get tangible results, you need to train at least 2x or 3x per week over an 8 week period. Depending on your age, your current fitness level and other lifestyle factors, we usually do not recommend high intensity programs or programs that last less than 8 weeks.

If you workout 3x per week, you allow at least 48h between each workout, being able to rest, recover, repair and reload before the next workout. You are also able to work different muscle groups more specifically (and more intensely) during each workout than when you only train once or twice a week.

If your budget only allows you to train once or twice a week with your personal trainer, we will make sure you get a personalised workout routine that you can follow during the other days in the week. Depending on your lifestyle factors such as work related stress, rest, drinking, smoking, small children etc. we do not recommend you to train more than 3x or 4x per week.

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