In-home Training

In-home personal training is by far the most convenient and popular personal training modality nowadays. It allows you to train inside or nearby your home saving you valuable time. It also allows you to workout in a private, family atmosphere, without others watching you sweat it out.

You will most likely to train at pre-arranged times every week, times do not interfere with work or family life. Depending on your fitness goals, your trainer will bring along the necessary equipment. We are a small team of reputable professionals so privacy and confidentiality are always 100% guaranteed.

Personal training

In an ideal world, you would already training and eating well on a regular basis. But in real life? Long hours at work every day and stress make even the best intentions vanish into thin air.

Our team of trainers can cater to the specific needs of almost anyone, from professional athletes to beginners in practice to physical activity, from people recovering from chronic injury to mothers with newborns.

We offer fitness programs designed to ensure a complete body transformation in the shortest time possible. We personal training beyond mere physical exercise, providing a “coach” for each customer who begins his transformation stage with us. We spend all our time to achieve its objectives, which you can enjoy impressive results and an experience that will change your life!

For those who suffer from recurring injuries or who have chronic pain we have expert instructors with the skills, knowledge and experience to design a program to get and keep you free from injury or pain. We have achieved great results for a wide variety of people of all ages. Do not hesitate to ask for references from clients who have tried and successfully trained.

Finally, some of the personal trainers of our team have been professional athletes, and can respond to any type of athletic training: from initiation to run for beginners to planning and career preparation for triathletes and other athletes competing.

Personal Training for Children

Regular practice of sports offers many benefits and is one of the most important pillars child development. Sports provide not only physical development but also allows children to learn. In recent years, we have seen a widening gap between the amount of physical activity that a child is subjected to what you really need. There are many reasons why the gap is widening fast so, however, the effects on the physical and mental development of our children remain the same, they are long lasting and influence the future of each child and our society.

With the help of a specialist in pediatrics and child psychologists we have developed three programs for children. One program focuses on the development and physical training of talents. The second program aims to close the gap físic0-mind development especially in underdeveloped children through sessions specific physical training in order to facilitate physical improvement, improve self – esteem and thus the behavior and finally to conscienciar parents the steps to follow. The last program is designed for healthy weight loss and childhood obesity.

Nutritional Coaching

The next big step in personal training is the nutritional coaching. Most people simply do not ask specific exercise programs when they call. What 99% of customers want is change. They want to change the body from its present his version of the “perfect body” state. Exercise is a crucial component of the transformation of the body – but exercise alone is not enough. To create impressive results, you need to help control the exercise of their customers when they are with you and your life when you are not with you. In fact, the actual application of nutrition based on the habit is the “missing piece” in the search for body transformation.

Virtual trainer

We have recently launched our program Virtual Personal Trainer so you can design your fitness plan with our experts online via webcam and perform their specific, exercise routines one by one from your computer or smart phone. Our virtual personal trainer program is an alternative with optimized and efficient time to get in shape, maximizing the strength and restoring your physical body that is better from the comfort of your home.

We serve clients internationally. Our time zone is GMT +1 (training and coaching available online from 6am – 11pm local time)

Sports massage

Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, to recover after a competition or simply to function well during the training phase. Sports massage is a type of Swedish massage that stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids. Some sports massage movements use trigger point therapy to break down knots in the muscles and increase mobility. Sports massage is ideal for the prevention and treatment of muscle injuries. Not only athletes benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is a therapy prescribed by doctors for people with chronic injuries, chronic pain, limited range of motion or immobility.

The benefits of our fitness programs

  • From the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Complete Confidentiality.
  • You Pay per session, no hidden charges. Packs Session
  • Save time on travel
  • Train efficiently – do not do more than necessary
  • Training effective and safe, guided and supervised by experts
  • Coaching Nutritional included in all programs
  • Accessible for almost any fitness level
  • Planning fitness programs
  • Virtual Personal Trainer Available
  • All our programs are custom-designed for optimal results in the shortest time possible.
  • Access to high-end sports facility in the center of Barcelona

Contact us for more information or call us  at +34.675.41.46.43 (Whatsapp Available).

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