I highly recommend Victor to anybody looking to decrease body fat, increase their levels of fitness and well-being or athletes that need to get strong for a competition. His motivational skills are second to none, he has a brilliant understanding of strength training and will be able to get you where you want to be.
Shane Mcguigan


I find Activate to be a very professional personal training agency focused on providing a top service. Victor and Fiona, the trainers assigned to me were very knowledgeable and motivated. They also make every effort to work around my schedule, which is not always easy. If I return to Barcelona, I will definitely be contacting Activate again.
A. Deffense


When I first started training with Activate Personal Training, I was excited as well as I was skeptical: excited, because I was starting something new and expecting it to be very effective; skeptical, because of what Sascha had advised me at beginning of training was different from what I had learnt about body-building in the past, plus I could stay in Barcelona for just one month. There was only so much I could hope for in terms of changes in my body in merely a month. I followed almost every advice he had given me especially on my diet. My trainer, Sergio, who was responsible for the exercises I took on each session, was very patient and attentive in helping me conduct my exercise programme. At the end of this month, We took measurement on my body again, and compared all the measures with those before training. The changes were a lot more than I had hoped for. Now when I look at my  body in the mirror, I would smile with both content and gratefulness. Thanks so much guys.
Wei Yao


Hi Sascha,

We just finished hiking the Lares Trail with great success.  At the hardest part I had a diabetic low which put us well behind the group.  I was able to recover, catch up to the group, and we even passed about half of them in the end.  Thanks for your great training! A potentially hard hike was made much easier, even at 4600m, thanks to you.

Now we are off to Lima and then onward to Easter Island.  We hope all is going well with you and that you are spending lots of time with Lucas. See you in the Spring!

All the Best,
Jami and Sven


On having suffered from severe muscle loss in my arms and shoulders I started to work with Sascha twice a week on a one to one basis. I have tried many treatments before and after working with him for only four months I have completely regained my movement & strength and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone in a similar situation.
M.Dodds, Barcelona


As a professional singer I have tried several personal trainers in NYC and other cities around the globe. And sincerely I didn’t expect to find such a high-quality service in training and preparation here in Barcelona. I cannot recommend them enough.
Isabel Ripoll, Bellaterra


personal trainer barcelona

One of my goals in life was to finish a marathon but I always suffered from muscle problems, preventing me from getting the kilometers and preparation you need. Multiple efforts with other trainers failed until I’ve found Sascha. He’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client. He continues to learn new training techniques that make him even more expert in his craft. Through my sessions with him I’ve also come to trust in the healing power of sports massage, in my case especially for competition preparation. Together with his knowledge, experience and different kind of useful tips on nutrition, stretching, functional training as well as his motivation skills, he succeeded in preparing me for the Barcelona marathon in an extremely short period of time. A very big THANK YOU to Sascha.
Jörg, Barcelona


For a long time I was unhappy with my weight, my body shape and my health. Not that I am very overweight, but I wasn’t happy with my physical condition and the fact that I was constantly gaining weight. Every year a kilo more. When I met Sascha he explained his training method and suggested I should start with a personal trainer. From the first moment I really liked it! Like a lot of people I have the bad habit of quitting after a while, but with my personal trainers Sascha and Diego it’s another story. They motivated me, got me into action and helped me be more aware about my diet. Step by step I changed my habits and adopted a new healthy lifestyle. It’s the best present I gave myself this year!!
Machteld, Valldoreix


I train with Sascha and Juliane and my goal was to strengthen my core and improve my health and wellbeing. As soon as I called Activate Sascha gave me an appointment to come in and discuss my goals, and we scheduled my first training session right away. This was my first experience with personal training, and over the last year I sincerely ENJOYED working out: I also feel stronger, and I know that I am working toward my goals. Sascha and Juliane apply such a variety of different exercises that I am constantly challenged and learning different things about my body and ways to strengthen it. I focus on pilates with Juliane, and her patience and attention to detail and correct form are impressive. I always feel comfortable but challenged, and Juliane is keenly aware of potential problems for my back and tailors the program to my particular need. Both Sascha and Juliane are so positive, flexible, and motivating that I feel stronger not only physically but also in my day to day life. When you do something as positive as personal training and improving your health, it affects your mood, outlook and approach to life!”
Sheila Wang, Barcelona


personal trainer barcelona

I contacted Activate due to back and postural problems. Sascha and Sarah have been my personal trainers now for almost three years and their depth of knowledge, professionalism and ability to motivate have made them a valuable addition to my everyday quest for increased health and well-being. We have become great friends and have a lot of laughs during our sessions. This fun attitude & the variations of our workouts really helps to keep the hard work interesting and achievable! I feel very fortunate to have found them and would recommend them in an instant to anyone interested in improving their health and fitness at any level. With Sascha and Sarah those levels can only get better.”
Emma Yates, Castelldefels


As a busy middle 30s guy who travels a lot for work, and has a young family – I was finding it hard to stay in good shape. I wasn’t totally unfit – playing football once or twice a week, but I was a long way from where I used to be and where I would have liked to be. Ideally I would lose a bit of weight from my belly, and finally gain some arm muscle and improve overall energy levels. My wife knew that I had a fear and dislike of gyms and lacked the personal motivation to really commit to regular serious exercise – so she kindly bought me a Personal Trainer session after a recommendation.
After one session with Jimmy I knew that I could achieve all of my fitness goals and have some fun at the same time. His philosophy and exercises are a long way from the boring benchpressing and treadmill gym exercises that I was avoiding (even the notion of a ‘personal trainer’ did not appeal very much). He very quickly understood my needs and my capabilities. We set up a plan to have sessions twice a week and after just 3 weeks I was able to feel a really big difference. My wife was so impressed with the results and my feedback that she decided to sign up with them too, having just had a baby and wanting to get back into pre- baby shape. A real bonus for us both is that Active-8 is able to travel and could come to our house to hold the sessions. This makes keeping the schedule just so much easier for us. Each session with Jimmy is very intense phsyically – he will always push me a bit beyond my comfort zone, but at the same time, we chat throughout the session which makes the time fly past. I have lost all of my target weight and gained muscle in my arms and shoulders through elastic band, weights and free body exercises. He has also helped me work a lot on my posture and is very informative about what exercises we are doing and why. More than just the exercise – I have also learned some simple tricks on improving my nutrition daily without feeling a sacrifice.
For anyone unsure about personal trainers I can only say that they are definitely worth it, especially if you are honest with yourself and see that you lack the ability to push yourself regularly enough. And I cannot recommend Jimmy highly enough for his knowledge and motivational abilities.
Tom Pugh, Barcelona


personal trainer barcelona

In 2008 I came into contact with Sascha and he started to give me weekly treatments for my posture. I had a long-lasting problem with ‘pins and needles’ in both arms which really bothered and worried me. But Sascha found that the cause was in the spinal cord and within a few weeks the unpleasant feelings in the arms stopped, it seemed miraculous. Since then I continued treatment for general wellbeing. Sascha is also an expert on exercise and nutrition to carry out at home.
Paul, Sitges


When I started to wonder what would be the best anti aging technique in my case, I realized that although my body is far from perfect I just could not aggress it with needles, injections or plastic surgery – at age 40 I realized that I may just wait a while before using them. So I turned to Personal Training and that’s the best thing I have done for my health in the last 20yrs. In only a few sessions I went from flab to firm, from exhausted to energetic, and from loser to winner. I absolutely recommend personal training to anybody who would like to get some control over this part of their life. It is the best rejuvenation treatment I ever had!
Sylvie, Castelldefels


I have spent a whole week trying to find the right words to do justice to Sascha and the Active-8 experience. Yet no words come close to describing the huge, and unexpected, impact of having them has had on my life. I have spent the last 8 years with personal trainers and came to Barcelona in October 2009 for one month only! I trained with Sergio and Jimmy four times a week during my stay Barcelona and was closely monitored by Sascha. My goals were to build on my capacity for cardio and to drop 3kgs. Sascha reviewed my objectives straight away!

I have severe rheumatoid arthritis in my knee – but had been ignoring it and training through the pain. Sascha helped me to see that my short-term goals would be debilitating my body in the long-term. I also suffer from very low muscle mass due to my body type and my focus on cardio workouts. Sascha explained that strength training should be my priority. Likewise, he made me understand that I did not need to lose more weight, but to tone up and even gain a bit. Sascha also pointed out that I have a grade 2 scoliosis, and unbelievably this was something that I had never noticed before and that had never been brought to my attention by my other trainers and therapists.
I have always been a difficult client as I tend to be motivated by aesthetics rather than physical and functional fitness. In short, I am a personal trainer’s worst nightmare! And yet these people how to handle me. They have the ability to motivate, rather than alienate and have addressed some of the inner issues as well.

Three days after leaving Barcelona, I made the decision to come back – and stay. Being able to continue training with them was one of the reasons behind this decision. It’s no exaggeration to say that Sascha and his team have changed my life. Give them half a chance and they’ll change yours too.
Sarah, LA, NY, BCN


I used to practise sports on my own, like indoor football or going to the gym. But for different reasons I quit, and after a year of not doing anything I felt like a wreck. I have a job in which I have to spend a lot of hours in front of the computer. As a result, my back started aching and I even ended up in the emergency room once …
During the Summer of 2009 I met with Sascha while visiting one of his summer fitness camps. He recommended me to change my lifestyle and to start exercising under the supervision of a personal trainer. After nearly a year with Jimmy as my personal trainer, I’m really pleased with the decision I took. I feel much better and stronger and have no more back pain. And although my goals are no more than feeling fitter and free of back pain, I see myself in good hands with Activate. Jimmy prepares and supervises my sessions, gives me advice, and knows what is best for me, contrary to exercising on my own as I used to… Sascha and Jimmy are great professionals who know what suits one best and I can only recommend them to anyone who wants to have a personal trainer.
Fco Manuel, Barcelona


Thank you, Jimmy for the fantastic running sessions, and the pull-ups and push up trials… I am in a much better condition now than I have ever been before.
I really liked our last run on the carretera de las aiguas with the great view over Barcelona. Thank you also for the tough sessions in the park and the bigger biceps. I had a great time and I believe my body also liked it: -6 kg of fat and liquids, great results and this after only three weeks! I can only recommend Active-8 Personal Training.
Alberto, The Netherlands


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