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Due to its moderate climate and year-long sunshine, Barcelona and its surrounding areas are a top spot for outdoor sports. Add the stunning Mediterranean coastline and state-of-the-art infrastructure to the mix and you have the perfect setup for triathlon training.

Whether your goal is to improve your personal best, win a race or simply enjoy and finish, Activate can help you plan and train for each of these goals. With the right guidance, dedication and courage anything is possible.

The trainers and coaches are unlike any other, relentlessly motivating our athletes to perform at the very best during every stage of training and competition, and at the same time making sure everyone stays healthy and injury-free during the preparation.

Training Programs:

  • FINISHER PROGRAM – Training program to finish my first triathlon or IRON MAN
  • PERSONAL BEST PROGRAM – Training program to achieve a personal best
  • PERFORM TO WIN – Performance coaching & training program to achieve a race victory
  • TRIATHLON SPECIFICS – Train to improve in a specific discipline (swim – bike – run – transition)

Nutrition Programs:

  • Performance nutrition for training
  • Performance nutrition for racing
  • Performance nutrition for IRON MAN

Contact us now and become part of Activate Allstars Triathlon Team.

“Swim – Bike – Run…. and brag for the rest of your life.”  Tristan Elliott, Barcelona.

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