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Success isn’t defined by performing at a high level once – it is about getting better every day. Most of us agree talent matters, but it is not all that matters. Hard work will always beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Winners perform better not only because of their talent but because they focus better, rest better, eat better and train better. It is simple as that.
Whether physical or mental performance, our personal performance is always relative to a set of intrinsical and environmental factors that, if managed properly, can unleash us beyond the power of our imagination. What is needed to set us up for performing better – the goals, personal context, tools, coaching, supervision, training, mindset, framework, discipline, motivation etc. depend largely on yourself and your environment.
ACTIVATE provides an environment that helps people to perform better in every sense, both physically and mentally. Our PERFORM BETTER training programs help each individual athlete better understand their strengths and weaknesses, muscular and functional imbalances as well as their personal needs and requirements. Through proper analysis, planning, periodization and programming we will ultimately lead athletes to become better versions of themselves and help them stay top of their game. We coach professional and elite athletes in each of the following areas of expertise:

Areas of expertise

  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Triathlon
  • Basketball
  • Surfing, Bodyboarding and Kitesurfing
  • Track and field
  • Rugby
  • Rowing
  • Field hockey

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