A sports specific training or sports performance program is essential if you want to improve your performance, advance in your sports or for a talent to reach pro levels. We apply all of the key ingredients – sports performance training, performance nutrition, sports physiotherapy as well as coaching to create that winner mindset. Whether you want to get scouted, reach the best possible physical condition, come back from an injury and overtraining, at Activate performance is non-negotiable. Our one-on-one approach under the expert supervision of former athletes makes each of our trainees reach their goals.  Rendimiento deportivo, sports performance, preparación física

Areas of expertise

  • Track and field (Sascha Rado, Victor Martínez, David X)
  • Triathlon (Johnny Smith, David X)
  • Running (Sascha Rado, Johnny Smith)
  • Soccer (Sascha Rado)
  • Martial arts, boxing and kickboxing (Johnny Smith, David X)
  • Basketball (Sascha Rado)
  • Hockey (Pauline Brugts)

For more information please contact us at +34 935 830 197 or +34 675 41 46 43 (WhatsApp available)

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