Nomad Altitude Trekking Experience


Activate’s Nomad Altitude Trekking Experience is a 5 day altitude trek high into the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the Parc Natural de Posets-Maladeta in Spain. This part of the Pyrenees is where many of the 3000 metres + peaks are located. The trek covers more than 50 kilometres of the most awe inspiring landscapes you could imagine. Think striking peaks at 3000+ metres snow covered and deep valleys of lush green flora, with only the sound of nature to disturb you.

Nomad altitude trekking has been designed to help you reclaim your natural health, wellbeing and passion/drive through a 5 day guided trek high into the Aragonese Pyrenees. During this trek you will reconnect with nature, yourself and your perspective on career and personal goals, whilst travailing tracks through geographically diverse mountains and valleys, pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits. Your guides will provide you with support as and when you need, so you leave the experience feeling balanced, REconnected, REmotivated and clear about your goals moving forward. To that end, the trek is scheduled over five days and has some key inclusions with possible add-ons to make the most of your Activate Nomad Altitude experience.

Your guides are an international team based in Barcelona: Sascha Rado from The Netherlands and Ali Donnellan from Australia

Meet your guides here.


⦁ An incredibly exhilarating and challenging trek amongst the most striking mountain peaks of the Pyrenees;
⦁ Lowered stress levels through intensive daily movement, challenging physical exercise, removal of devices, and cyclical eating and sleeping;
⦁ Improved cardiovascular health through physically challenging treks;
⦁ Improved detoxification through the elimination of inflammatory foods and the daily physically challenging treks followed by guided stretching sessions (group stretching optional)
⦁ Greater understanding of your nutritional health through informal evening discussions with your guide Sascha Rado
⦁ A clearer understanding of your goals and how you will achieve them through one on one coaching sessions
⦁ Improved clarity of thought through day-long alpine trekking followed by guided mindfulness practices at the end of each day (optional)
⦁ Add-on: health coaching or nutritional counselling plan to sustain health improvements upon your return home (with Sascha Rado)
⦁ Add-on: additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions to support sustainable goal setting (with Ali Donnellan).


Research has found that spending time in nature directly reduces stress and positively affects our brain chemistry and improves our nervous, endocrine and immune system. As Altitude Nomads, we have direct experience of this and have created a new altitude trekking experience to specifically support and guide our clients on an intensive trek through the Pyrenees. From your time of arrival until you leave, this program will have the full support and supervision from our experienced personal trainer, athlete and mountaineer Sascha, as well as expert guidance from our (life) coach Ali who has worked over decades with professionals in challenging environments.

Dates and itinerary click here

If you would like further information or want to discuss if this experience is right for you, please contact Sascha or Ali at on (+34) 675 41 46 43 or (+34) 610 68 21 17

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