MyoDetox Physiotherapy

We are passionate about working with people and improving their quality of life. Myodetox Physiotherapy is a unique rehab system designed to take care of the body, now and in the future. Life moves at a fast pace and you don’t want your body to slow you down. At Myodetox we focus on physical recovery in order to improve our day-to-day lives and futureproof our body. This way you can live a powerful life, free of injury and pain. Myodetox puts the highest demands on customer focus, professionalism and quality.

Offered exclusively at Activate Personal Training Studios, we provide a multidisciplinary approach that puts the missing pieces into place and has the goal to to revolutionize recovery and rehabilitation.

Who is MyoDetox for?

People seek Myodetox as a way to reduce pain and chronic muscle tension, generally resulting from physical and emotional traumas. Myodetox is used to break up scar tissue, rehabilitate injuries, and increase range of motion to improve performance and avoid future injuries. Others use the work to increase increase comfort in their bodies while performing, as well as avoid repetitive stress injuries. Psychologists and counsellors often recommend MyoDetox because physical bodywork positively influences the central nervous system and supports emotions and energy levels. At Myodetox we examine the body’s structural order through the different systems that affect structure and function, including Myokinetics, FMT, NASM tests, Pilates, yoga and osteopathy.

How does MyoDetox work?

Myodetox is a system of movement education and soft tissue manipulation that helps to reorganize the body´s structure in gravity. Myodetox bodywork affects the body’s posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system (connective tissue). Also considered a deep-tissue approach, Myodetox actually works with all the layers of the body to ease strain patterns in the entire system. Research has demonstrated that Myodetox creates more efficient muscle use, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more economical and refined movement patterns. Myodetox has also been shown to significantly reduce chronic stress, reduce spinal curvature where needed and enhance neurological functioning.
Through soft tissue manipulation and movement education, Myodetox affect body posture and structure over the long-term. Unlike massage, which often focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort, Myodetox is aimed at improving body alignment and functioning. Myodetox is different from deep-tissue massage, in that practitioners are trained to create overall ease and balance throughout the entire structure, rather than focusing on areas presenting with tension. As a structure becomes more organized, chronic strain patterns are alleviated, and pain and stress decreases.
Furthermore, Myodetox can speed up injury recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and muscle tension; improving movement and circulation around joints; and attending to both the injury and any secondary pain that may develop from favoring the injury.

Myodetox Structural Integration is generally performed over a series of ten individual sessions, but the approach can be tailored to the specific needs of the patient or client. Our approach allows the therapist to work the structure methodically, including the loosening of superficial fascia before working deeper areas, improving support in lower extremities before affecting upper body structures, and helping clients find ways to benefit from improved movement in their daily activities. Each session builds upon the last and prepares the body for the next.


Without Activate I would not be in the physical and mental shape that I now find myself in after a few months of hard work. The team’s biomechanical knowledge was instrumental in helping me make massive strides in recovering from a serious leg accident. Their awareness of my physical condition, and his unique knowledge provided me with a platform that was designed specifically for me to gradually gain strength, as well as help me understand how my body works for and against me while I recover. Their dedication and persistence was the driving force that allowed me to regrow muscle, gain physical and mental strength, and give me confidence which would not have been possible to do on my own. Honestly, I doubt there are many people that can do what Activate can. If you are serious about your health, or if you need help recovering from an injury, Sascha and his team are the only people you should be going to. Craig, Barcelona

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