Pregnancy Training

At Activate we understand that pregnancy is a crucial stage for mother and baby. Our personal training programs are designed to optimize your health, fitness and wellbeing during and after pregnancy.. This way, you and your child can get through this special time the best possible shape.

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Benefits of Pregnancy Training:

• Prevention and reduction of back pain, above all lumbar or SI-joint pain and sciatica.
• Abdominal recovery (hypopressive fitness)
• Weight control and weight loss
• Greater energy and vitality.
• Lower risk of hypertension, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and dyspnea (difficulty breathing).
• Prevention of dilation and abdominal separation (diastasis).
• Better and faster recovery after childbirth.
• Reduction of fatigue.
• Better blood circulation, consequently less swelling and/or liquid retention

Benefits for the baby derived from the training of his mother:

• Improvement of the baby’s heart.
• Cognitive and motor improvements.
• Better body composition.

What we offer our customers:

• Personal trainer specialized in pregnancy and postpartum fitness.
• Training sessions are adapted to your needs and preferences.
• Nutrition counselling throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.
• Exercises program adapted to each stage of pregnancy.
• Training in a non-intimidating pt studio, or at the comfort of your home.
• A methodology based on mobility, posture, strength, aerobic training and overall wellbeing
• Safe and fun training sessions for mother and future child.

Keeping physically active during and after pregnancy is extremely beneficial for baby and mum.

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“I trained with Victor and Maya during my second pregnancy. They are both very skilled trainers and have helped me a lot with my posture and back pain. I cannot recommend them enough for pregnancy training.” Anna Wentz.

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