Nutrition philosophy

Our nutrition philosophy is built around understanding our customers short-term and long-term needs and goals.

  • Long-term: to drive change through teaching and educating our customers about eating, cooking and dieting as well as facilitating knowledge, insights and awareness of the individual’s biopsychosocial profile and its impact on dietary habits and decision making.
  • Short-term: we help our clients achieve their short-term goals and make sure we address your individual needs and preferences.

We help you understand that dieting can really be simple with the right tool kit. This tool kit revolves around acquiring specific knowledge, not only about food and diet but also about yourself. No matter what your goal is, once you learn how to apply these tools and use them over a period of time, following a more nutritious, balanced diet won’t feel like dieting anymore. It will be a normal part of your life instead.

Your dietary tool kit depend largely on your goals, profile and type of activity or sports you practice. Some of the tools in your tool kit can be: learning about:

  • meal distribution and planning
  • sports performance nutrition
  • meal timing (pre and post exercise)
  • calculating macros
  • individualizing and adjusting micros
  • food sources and their nutritional values
  • flexible dieting (IIFYM)
  • meal prepping
  • carb loading
  • race preparation
  • supplement use
  • how to adapt your diet to your agenda
  • how to be practical about your diet

Lastly, we will assess your relationship with food (behavioural aspect), the impact of your social environment (social aspect) and your physiological needs (biological aspect) in relation to your dietary choices. In case you have any questions or doubts about nutrition or dieting, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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