Family Fitness Programs

Scientific research has shown that physically active parents have a very positive influence on the adherence and practice of sports activities in children. Having physically active parents multiplies the chances that their children will become active too. Playing sports as a family will encourage healthy habits for the rest of their life and improves bonding. Activate advocates sports and exercises for parents and their children. Being parents ourselves, we see the benefits of be active together first-hand! In Spain, practicing sports as a family is practically non-existent.

We provide exercise programs, physical play and nutrition coaching specifically aimed at families living in and around Barcelona. Our training studios are child friendly, non-intimidating environments, ideal for providing exercise programs and personal trainers for children with special needs, such as autism, low self-esteem, panic disorders, irrational fears, phobias or behavioural problems.

Fit Kidz

  • Fit Family Programs (Children and parent/s together)
  • Exercise therapy – Motor skills, coordination, movement and physical expression
  • Training and coaching young talents, talent development
  • Weight loss and general fitness programs
  • Martial arts for self-esteem and discipline
  • Sports events
  • Summer camps

More information: // Tel: +34 675.41.46.43 (WhatsApp available)


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