Physical exercise and health

Exercise and nutrition are the cornerstones for the prevention and control of many health conditions and illnesses, which plague an increasingly sedentary society with obesity, diabetes and hypertension, amongst others.

The correct prescription of exercise will constitute a fundamental part of the treatment of most diseases and is known to:

  • Contain and alleviate its symptoms,
  • Slow down or stop its development and,
  • Improve and restore the patient’s wellbeing & quality of life.

No medication or pharmacological treatment possesses the same effect as physical exercise. However physical exercise in the clinical setting must be based on sound scientific knowledge and should therefore only be prescribed by qualified personal trainers.

Physical exercise and nutrition have been recognized as one of the most effective tools to prevent, contain and alleviate many of the most prevalent chronic diseases, most being linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Integrated into the multidisciplinary framework of the particular health problem, doctors and medical workers often recommend exercise to their patients. Nonetheless, specific knowledge and training is required to correctly prescribe the type and doses of exercise. At Activate we design evidence-based exercise programs in a multidisciplinary setting to ensure the best solution to the patient and improve their health and quality of life.


  • Long-term weight loss & weight control
  • Prevention of loss of muscle mass and bone density.
  • Prevention, reduction and rehabilitation of injuries
  • Training program for the treatment, prevention and control of chronic disease and pathologies
  • Spine-health, mobility, flexibility and postural improvement
  • Women’s health: menopause, osteoporosis, flaccidity, self-image improvement, hormone balance
  • Men´s health: andropause, loss of muscle strength and mass, increase free testosterone levels
  • Anti-ageing: stimulate growth hormone release, increase blood flow, improve skin oxygenation and organ function.

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