Company Wellness Programs

People are becoming more and more health conscious, but due to higher stress, longer workdays and constant multitasking, it is more difficult to find the time to act on wellness goals. On-site wellness programs are important for employees because they spent the majority of their time in the workplace.

Most chronic diseases are preventable yet they account for 75% of total healthcare costs. The only way to prevent chronic illnesses is by implementing actionable steps that reduce onset, halt progression or even reverse the condition. An employee wellness program can address this issue through health education and accountability.

At ACTIVATE We focus on improving the health and performance of employees, teams and management by creating unique and dynamic programs to ensure the best possibility of long term success. Employees need to be challenged and stimulated in a variety of different ways so they can effectively reduce stress and maximize their potential. Activate helps organizations implement workplace wellness programs with the aim to increase productivity, create a healthy “team spirit” and improve overall employee wellbeing.

Amongst our clients are well-known multinationals such as Airbnb, ActivisionBlizzard, BancSabadell and Schneider Electric, as well as universities and local SMEs.

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