Integrated Approach


A comprehensive assessment is the most important component to creating a training program that will ensure adherence and long-term success. Before designing a customized exercise program we evaluate your physical abilities and skills, health history, current fitness level and perform a small injury risk assessment.


Based on the initial evaluation we will design your customized fitness program and define the best approach for program success. Your trainer will explain how your program would look like based on the indicated needs and preferences.

Periodic evaluations and regular measurements will help us to keep track of your progress and will allow us to make decisions and adjustments timely and effectively. Every two weeks we evaluate your results and, if required, make necessary adaptation to keep you on track of your goals. During the course of your training program, your trainer will encourage you to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle and support you through any personal challenges.


A personal trainer who is in sync with your goals, personality and lifestyle is an essential element in the client-trainer relationship. We thrive on our experience in creating this synergy. The more in sync you are with your trainer, the better your results.


 “I have worked with personal trainers before, but Sascha and his team of trainers are definitely the next level.  Ann Sung”

“Most trainers I worked with at the gym would give me a decent 60 minute workout. At Activate they run things at another level and provided me with a complete training program, not just training sessions. The results are phenominal. If you want quality, then you should give these guys a try.  Joe Rosenthal”

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