Boxing training in Barcelona

Boxing is having its moment in the fitness-trend spotlight. Everyone from adventure athletes to supermodels are climbing into the ring. And with good reason: Boxing works the entire body through a combination of resistance training and high-intensity intervals. You will be using a lot of your own body weight during these training sessions.

Boxing is a great way to condition the body, lose weight, increase reflexes, improve coordination and reduce stress, all at the same time. By the hand of one of the best boxing coaches we now provide boxing classes for both adults and children. Boxing is obviously a great tool for self-defense and self-control too.

Activation of cardiovascular system and weight control.
Boxing is a sport that involves a significant amount of aerobic exercise. Movement is constantly present in any boxing training, activating the cardiovascular system which favors blood circulation and the functioning of the respiratory system. And thanks to the great caloric expense during each session, boxing can help us to control our weight.

Better reflexes
All five senses are used whilst boxing. Being constantly alert over a long period of time, helps reduce the body’s response time to external stimuli, as a result you improve your reflexes.

Coordination of movements
The basic movements of boxing are simple, but it is the combination of these movements which makes them really effective. The boxing series helps to move in an agile and synchronized way. Those who practice boxing quickly acquire total and synchronous control of your body during the execution of the exercises.

Discharge adrenaline
Like any exercise in which there is an emotional intensity, there is an adrenaline discharge which helps the body to feel relaxed from stress. After a 60 minute boxing class your entire body is relaxed. Boxing is full body exercise: from the pectoral and triceps muscles (when striking), to the deltoids and back muscles (protecting your face with your fists), the lower body(when moving) and the abs and the lumbar muscles (dodging attacks).

Improve your agility
Boxing improves your agility and also your coordination, because each different stroke has its own technique, position and speed of execution.

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