A proven method to accelerated weight loss and better performance

Based on both scientific and clinical research, BioPrint Metabolic Analytics is a precise, non-invasive method that improves sports performance, body composition and optimizes overall health. A software program correlates the results with different hormonal families, allowing to understand which hormone is responsible for the accumulation of fat in our body and thus identify the way to improve sport performance, body composition and health conditions through lifestyle advice, nutrition and supplementation.

Umbilical Stress accumulation.
Suprailliac, Sub-escapular Carb intolerance
Pectoral, Triceps Androgen system imbalance.

In summary this method allows to identify how people have treated their body so far and as reflected in insulin, stress, sleep, inflammation, toxicity, estrogen accumulation, low testosterone, among other physiological systems. This technique offers the necessary tools to be able to restore the body optimally and permanently. Achieving results will be faster as priorities are tackled, in terms of fat gain, sleep disturbances, levels of hormone toxicity, inflammation, lack of energy, mood changes, and many other pathologists.

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