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Sascha Rado

Sascha Rado is the driving spirit behind Activate Personal Training & Health Coaching. Originally from the Netherlands, Sascha is a well-known personal trainer who specialises in human performance, nutrition science and health education. His methodology focuses on exploring and understanding the individual’s unique motives, traits, skills and habits to improve health and performance markers.

Sascha is currently working on a research project on the psychological factors in personal training and human performance together with Franziska Saller (University of Hamburg) and has lectured at universities in the United States, the Netherlands and in Spain.

Sascha assisted in the initial phases of the development of the BeYou App (now part of Technogym) and worked as a consultant in the start-up of two gyms. He collaborates with newspapers and magazines and is frequently interviewed on radio and tv.

After decades of physical and mental challenges both as an athlete and entrepreneur, Sascha undertook this expedition to the Aragonese Pyrenees solo as a way to get off the hamster wheel and to reconsider what is important from a renewed and connected position. This experience made Sascha realise it is a perfect way for busy professionals to take some time to disconnect from the busy-ness of life and work and enable deep thinking. As a physically and mentally challenging experience it strips the mind from mental clutter to create space for divergent and contrasting inner dialogues that allow for fresh and different perspectives looking beyond the status quo.

Ali Donnellan

Ali Donnellan is founder and principal coach with Jada&Co. Originally from Australia now based in Barcelona, Ali has directed and managed large-scale cultural development programs across multiple countries in the Asia/Pacific region, both with Australian government (embassies) and NGOs. Her countries of experience include Indonesia, Viet Nam, India, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Cambodia, Vanuatu, Uganda, Nepal and Spain.

Ali has coached teams and managers in her areas of expertise for some years. Observing the immense benefits coaching provides her clients, Ali pivoted her career towards coaching and workplace wellness full time. Undertaking further studies in psychology and business coaching in London, Ali founded Jada&Co, a coaching practice tailored to the unique experience of intercultural organisations and professionals. As a coach, Ali facilitates her clients’ own thinking to identify solutions and/or new pathways for professional and personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

With a master’s degree and professional experience in international development, including studies in nutrition and behavioural psychology, and as a qualified yoga, mindfulness teacher, Ali brings a unique and complementary offering to the team.

Through her personal experiences trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, Kinabalu in Borneo and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it is Ali’s genuine belief that taking time in nature, particularly at altitude, provides a key access point to truly disconnect from our programmed busy-ness, connect with our surroundings, and reconnect with our bodies and what is within. A perfect platform to ask ourselves important questions we rarely have space to ponder. She is honoured to be joining you on this adventure.

Sascha and Ali are thrilled to offer the Activate Nomad Altitude Experience, a combined passion for both of them. Over many years, both have had the privilege of experiencing their own personal altitude trekking adventures which led to deep pivots in their own lives, enabling them to capitalise on what they have achieved professionally, and reformat it into new offerings for you, our clients. Between them, Sascha and Ali have over four decades of experience working with a diverse range of clients including CEOs of large organisations and multinationals, ambassadors, entrepreneurs, prime ministers, doctors, humanitarian workers, start-up founders and many more. Their combined experiences across their complementary areas of expertise including physical conditioning, performance enhancement, nutrition, wellbeing, coaching and behavioural psychology, provide you with a unique opportunity to join an experienced, engaged, supportive and motivating team who will be there to encourage you at each stage of this adventure.

Information and reservations: nomad@active-8.es

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