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At Activate Personal Training we eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness. We travel all over the world to learn from the best. This shows in the results we achieve for our customers. Your body is one of your most precious assets, who would you trust it with?

So now why is Activate so different, and so effective? We are driven by the incredible sense of fulfilment when we help others achieve their goals. We believe that anyone can positively change their health and fitness and physique, and we will move heaven and earth to ensure that each and every person who enters our premises leaves feeling happier, more confident, and healthier.

We are here to get a very specific job done – to achieve your own unique version of a better you. We don’t stand back, in fact we get stuck right into every aspect of your life that you are prepared to open up to us. No other way is appropriate for the commitment and investment that you should be making in yourself (or your team).

We hope this has given you an insight into the passion we feel for what we do. If we’ve got that across, we’ve managed to show you the most important traits you should be looking for in a personal trainer, coach or therapist. If you’re still not sure about that energy, and how powerful it is, come and meet us and you’ll be left in no doubt.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start” 

About Sascha

Sascha Rado is the driving spirit behind Activate Personal Training & Health Coaching. Originally from the Netherlands, Sascha is a well-known expert in the fitness industry and go-to coach for celebrities, athletes, expats and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Sascha specialises in human performance, health education and behavioural change with the aim to improve his client’s health status, overall wellbeing and naturally enhance their physical and cognitive performance. His method focusses on assessing the individual’s physical and/or mental shape, goals, motives, traits, skills and knowledge, in order to determine their potential and lay out a realistic plan that aims to achieve results, increase immediate health benefits and cognitive performance as well ass to also trigger long-term behavioural and lifestyle change.

Sascha is currently working on a research project for the psychological factors in personal training and human performance together with Franziska Saller (University of Hamburg) and has lectured at universities in the United States, the Netherlands as well as in Spain.

Sascha assisted in the initial phases of the development of the BeYou App (now Technogym) and worked as a consultant in the start-up of two gyms. He collaborates with newspapers and magazines and is frequently interviewed on radio and tv.

His love for sports led him toward studying Sports & Physical Education. Sascha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health with a specialisation in Sports and Nutrition Sciences as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.

Committed to improving each of his customer’s fitness, physique or performance by means of an integrated, personalised and customer-oriented approach, his greatest quality is to see the skills and talents of his clients and then educate, support and motivate them to express those abilities to the fullest in the pursuit of their personal goals. Find out for yourself how he and his team give physical activity and exercise a totally different spin.

“Truly brilliant and wise. Sascha and his team provide a totally unique passion for fitness” Liz Anderson

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