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Sascha RadoSascha Rado – MSc in Sport and Physical Activity  / Certified Personal Trainer ANEF
Sascha Rado is the founder and driving spirit behind Activate. Health and fitness have been his life-long passions and from an early age he has learned much about the positive benefits that exercise and an active lifestyle have on the body and mind.

Originally from The Netherlands, he has worked in the field for over two decades and is now a well-known personal trainer and expert in sports nutrition and physical enhancement in Barcelona.

As an expert, he has been published in numerous fitness magazines as well as is frequently interviewed for his knowledge and expertise. Some of these include Women’s Health, Muy Saludable, Mundo Deportivo, La Vanguardia, TVe, and Sport.

In addition to his work in Activate, he also mentors students in Sports Science (sports science and sports management students) for University of New Haven and UB through CEA Study Abroad. Sascha also helped to develop the fitness App called BeYou, and supported in the founding of two gyms: Personal Training Lounge and 20 Body Up.

Victor MartinezVictor Martínez – MSc in Sport and Physical Activity  / Certified Personal Trainer
Linked to sports and athletics for over 16 years, Victor holds a Bachelor of Sports Science at the INEFC of Barcelona and studied the CFGS of Dietetics at ANEF.

Victor trained the national team in high jump at the High-Performance Centre (CAR) of Sant Cugat and serves as a dietitian at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. His combined knowledge in physical preparation and nutrition science make him able to work in the fields of both weight loss as well as sports performance.  Victor is a our most patient and empathic trainer, who will always make sure you are well looked after!


maya personal trainer barcelona

Magda Martínez, Certified Personal Trainer & BioPrint Practitioner

Her extensive professional training in personal training, program design, body and nutritional analysis, is mainly certified by “The Strengh Sensei – Charles Poliquin”, currently recognized as one of the best strength coaches in the world.

Magda says that “specialized knowledge must be applied correctly and in the right dosage because it is the only way to achieve results that last over time. Your personal training program will help you maximize your strength, increase fat loss, increase muscle mass, rehabilitate injuries, improve your body composition and your health.

Over the last few years, she has worked with executives, high-performance athletes, children and pregnant women helping them prepare physically and mentally for their daily activities. Magda does not recommend anything without having tried it or used it herself. The methods she applies are based on strong scientific and clinical research. Discipline, ambition and effort is what you need

Jane MorrisonJane Morrison – Yoga Teacher, PhD.
Jane has been teaching yoga for several years and it is truly something that brings her a great deal of joy! She has practiced yoga for as long as she can remember because her mother was also a yoga teacher. Because of her influence, a love and appreciation for yoga, meditation, and healthy living are deeply ingrained within her, and she passionately advocates these choices every day. Jane believes that mindfulness and lifestyle are fundamental parts of yoga and tries to integrate these aspects into her teachings.

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