Proper assessment is key

A personal trainer is a catalist for change. After only a few weeks, you will start to notice improvements in a.o. stamina, body composition, strength, sleep quality, vitality, and as a result you will immediately improve your quality of life and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Personal competences, abilities, limitations, potential and preferences, is what make each customer unique. At Activate Personal Training we build a customised exercise program around all such factors. Proper assessment and periodic evaluation are therefore key to a successful program.

How does it work?

Tell us what you want to achieve

It’s our job to help your achieve your fitness goals. We also motivate and encourage people to become fitter and healthier and support them through their personal challenges.

Proper assessment is key to the success of your personal training program

Before starting any exercise program we  evaluate your overall physical abilities, current fitness level and perform a small injury risk assessment. During a face-to-face interview we will help you understand how your personal training program whould look like, and define the key strategies that are fundamental to program success. A comprehensive assessment is the most important component to creating a training program that will ensure long-term success.

Periodic evaluation to measure progress

Periodic evaluations and regular measurements will help us to keep track of your progress and will allow us to make decisions and adjustments timely and effectively. Every two weeks we evaluate your results and, if required, change the key strategies to keep you well on track.

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 “I have worked with personal trainers before, but Sascha and his team of trainers are definitely the next level.  Ann Sung Lee”

“Most trainers I worked with at the gym would give me a decent 60 minute workout. At Activate they run things at another level and provided me with a complete training program, not just training sessions. The results are phenominal. If you want quality, then you should give these guys a try. Joseph Rosenthal”

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