Clinical Exercise, Pathologies & Physical Exercise Presciption

Exercise and nutrition are the cornerstone for the prevention and control of many illnesses. Illnesses that plague an increasingly sedentary society with obesity, diabetes and hypertension, amongst others. The correct prescription of exercise will constitute a fundamental part of the treatment of most diseases and is known to:

  • Contain and alleviate its symptoms,
  • Slow down or stop its development and,
  • Improve and restore the patient’s wellbeing & quality of life.

No medication or pharmacological treatment possesses the same effect as physical exercise. However physical exercise in the clinical setting must be based on sound scientific knowledge and should therefore only be prescribed by qualified personal trainers.

Physical exercise and nutrition has been officially recognized as one of the most effective tools to prevent, contain and alleviate many of the most prevalent chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.), most which are also linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Integrated into the multidisciplinary framework of the particular pathology, doctors and medical workers often recommend exercise to their patients. Nonetheless specific knowledge is required to be able to safely prescribe the correct type of exercise, workout intensity, duration or frequency. Personal trainers specialized in exercise physiology and human biochemistry play a fundamental role in this field. It is our ultimate goal to work closely together with medical professionals and specialist in a multidisciplinary approach to ensure the best solution to the patient.

At Activate we specialize in clinical exercise for pathologies. We design evidence-based exercise programs to help our clients improve their quality of life.

Appointments or information please contact us on tel: +34 931 71 63 57 or tel: +34 675 41 46 43 (whatsapp available)

“I had been obese since my early 20’s, but didn’t find out that there are different types of obesity and ways to treat it until I contacted Activate. Working with Maya has made me not only lose lot of weight, but she has taught me things that no doctor or endocrinologist ever taught me about my obesity type before. Thank you Maya, for helping me change, and for the endless support and encouragement you gave me.” Annabel

“Durante años pensaba que no podía hacer ejercicio debido a una enfermedad. Un amigo me recomendó a Sascha y su equipo y ellos me demonstraron lo contrario. Me siento muy seguro entrenando con uno de ellos a mi lado y estoy definitivamente en mejor forma. Mark C.

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