Physical exercise, together with nutrition, can be considered the cornerstone for the prevention of many of the non-transmissible and hypokinetic diseases that plague an increasingly sedentary society (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc.). In addition, once the disease is established, the correct prescription of exercise will constitute a fundamental part of the treatment itself in the continuum of the disease to alleviate its symptoms, slow down its development and restore the patient’s quality of life. No medication or pharmacological treatment possesses the multisystemic effect of physical exercise, and as such, must be prescribed by health professionals based on sound scientific knowledge.

From a societal and economic perspective, a physically active population is a healthier and happier population, with greater well-being and quality of life, in which the presence of associated co-morbidities is reduced, the pressure on the health system is reduced and resources that could be used to attend to other needs will be saved. That is why, from all levels, the importance of including physical exercise in a healthy lifestyle has been recognized as one of the most effective tools to prevent, contain and treat many of the most prevalent chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.), most which are also linked to sedentary lifestyle.

However, often the health professional does not know the correct progression and minimum effective dose when it comes to incorporating exercise and physical activity as a tool for treating different pathologies, integrated in the multidisciplinary framework of the particular pathology. Exercise professionals specialized in human health and physiology play a fundamental role in this field, that is why, the ultimate goal is to work closely with medical professionals and specialist in a multidisciplanary approach to ensure the best solution to the patient.

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