Bootcamp Barcelona

If you are looking for a daily high intensity workout don’t look further. We offer 10 boot camp classes every week in Barcelona and in Sant Cugat. Each 60 minute class caters for up to 15 – 20 participants and provides a very challenging but effective work out with an abundant variety of exercises. Be prepared to huff and puff and to attain a strong and athletic body FAST… This is the ultimate Get Fit Bootcamp!

Each class will include features of the below mentioned exercise disciplines:

–          Cardiovascular training
–          Functional Strength training
–          Total body conditioning
–          Endurance and Stamina
–          Speed and Acceleration
–          Agility and Mobility
–          Postural Improvement Training
–          Stretching and Recovery

Bootcamp Rates

Trial class free trial 
Single class 6 euro
Monthly free pass / Pack of 8 sessions 36 euro
Students 10% discount applies

*discount doesn’t apply to trial class.

Terms & Conditions

Safety and security always come first. Therefore each participant will be asked to fill out a short health questionnaire before participating. This information serves the trainer to make an informed decision on eventual health risks. In case the instructor finds strong indications against the participant attendance (i.e. risk of injury), he can make the decision to deny access to the class. Every participant will be informed by email on class rescheduling or cancellations.

Contact us to set up your trial class

638.872.155 / +1 (815) 814 6885 (Whatsapp available)

       ”After only a couple of classes I feel so much fitter and stronger. It is very challenging but the results are worth the effort. Anims, Joan”

    “Great Workouts Guys… You totally rock it” Jenny

    ”A must try for everyone who wants to get fit and socialize at the same time” La Vanguardia

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