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Without proper assessment it is impossible to get proper results. Any experienced personal trainer will invest a lot of their time on the evaluation of different variables necessery for your succes. We have created a comprehensive 6 step assessment method which provides us with valuable information on your body’s capability and function. Information that is absolutely necessary for reaching results beyond expectation.

Step I: Basic Health and Fitness Check

This test is based on a short face-to-face interview and a small health questionnaire. After completion you will also be asked to perform a series of basic exercises which gives us an insight into your current fitness and basic mobility level.

Step II: Postural Assessment

The postural assessment looks at your body from head to toe and in all different planes, to understand and register existing muscular imbalances and postural dysfunction. After this assessment we know more about your body’s function as well as on where specific imbalances originate from ( main causes are 1. repetitive activities, 2. postural habits, 3. trauma or 4. structural factors).

Step III: Kinetic Chain Assessment

A 3-Dimensional Functional Kinetic Chain Assessment represents the absolute best in functional assessment due to its no-stone unturned approach to identifying problems and dysfunctions throughout the human body. Where before we looked at postural dysfunction here we assess integral movement and at how you progress load (weight) from one body part to another, from one extremity to another or from one joint to another in all 3 dimensions. This test is the key part of our assessment method and obligatory before starting any personal training program.

Step IV: Metabolic Typing Assessment

The fourth assessments we provide before starting your personal training program is the metabolic typing assessment, which is the most important step for those who want to lose weight and reduce body fat. Your food choice and grocery list will for a large part depend on the results of your metabolic typing results. To read more about metabolic typing and our weight loss program click here

Step V: Sleep Cycle Analysis

The fifth step in our assessment consists of another important step to a healthier, leaner and stronger body: Sleep Quality
Here we analyse your sleep cycles by using an application that gives us a complete overview of the quality of your sleep. You will measure total sleep, deep sleep, light sleep or waking moments during the night. When you optimize your sleep you will reduce cortisol and balance out other hormones that affect your metabolism and stress levels like noradrenaline, leptine and insuline.

Step VI: Total Body Volume Measurements

Every participant gets an initial body volume measurement and we will perform these measurements every two weeks to see if you are still on  track. This ensures us to be constantly informed on your progress and are able to immediately alter your program or reassess where necessary.

With this information we will now understand the way your body functions, which enables us to provide you with a personal training program based on a realistic time frame and realistic results. Whether you need to lose weight or suffer from a chronic injury, whether you have never gone to a gym before or you compete in a specific sports, this assessment method is your roadmap to any improvement or results, and a must have for anyone who wants results beyond expectation.

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